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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Crackheads Without Pipes

Phat Kat - Don't Nobody Care About Us

BEATCONDUCTOR - Beats Cut Out Played Back And Souled

1 I Want Some Mo (feat De La Soul) 2:56
2 Don't Stop 5:05
3 Big T's Pachanga (album edit feat Big Daddy Kane) 3:40
4 Creep 4:56
5 Goes To My Head (feat MC Lyte) 3:17
6 No Doubt (feat Brand Nubians) 3:11
7 Never 6:12
8 Where I Am From (feat Anthony Hamilton) 4:27
9 Housin' (album edit feat Epmd) 6:08
10 Raw (feat Big Daddy Kane) 3:01
11 Swing (album edit feat CL Smooth) 5:36
12 4 On The Floor (feat Q-Tip) 4:22
13 Getting Mine (feay Common) 6:37
14 Keep From Going Under (feat AZ) 4:30
15 Entertainers (feat Jeru The Damaja) 4:11
16 Gimme The Mike (feat Freeway) 5:07
17 I Want Some Skit 0:57
18 Baby (feat Brandy) 4:31

I was over at Turbo City and they put me on to this group from Switzerland called The Underclassmen. They have a video which is pretty dope as well as a strong list of guests on the album. Check it out ya'll.

Underclassmen - Underclassic

03.No Good
04.Those Dedicated
06.Hold Fort Ft. R.A. The Rugged Man
07.In The Works
08.Relax Skit
09.Build & Take
10.Trigs Freestyle Skit
11.Mind Your Business Ft. Wordsworth
13.Colors Skit
14.Fashion Show Ft. Celph Titled
16.Everybody Knows
19.Contaminated Speakers
20.F*ck You
22.Raid Ft. Pumpkinhead
via Turbo City

Jersey of the Day
Lawrence Taylor
$80 + shipping
Size - 56

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Monday, June 25, 2007

The Funk Weapon


Unbomber - Development

Radio 1 Essential Mix

Bugz In The Attic EM Sunday 24th October 04

Agent K - 'Intro' (Laws Of Motion)
Blaktonez - 'Pleasure Ride' (Main Squeeze)
Quango - 'Rocc It Tonite' (People)
New Sector Movements - 'My History' [Raw Dub] (People)
Diesel - 'It's Magic' (SI Projects)
Nutmeg - 'State Of Mind' (Neroli)
USC - 'Please Yo Self' (SI Projects)
BB Boogie - 'Tell Him' [Booty Bounce Mix] (Laws Of Motion)
BB Boogie - ' I Got It' (Bitasweet)
Mood II Swing - 'Searchin' (Groove On)
Ken Lou - 'The Bounce' (MAW)
Amy Winehouse - 'In My Bed' (Island)
Two Culture Clash - 'Love Guide' (Wall Of Sound)
Seiji vs. Q-Tip - 'Loose Tips' (White)
Pepe Braddock - 'Demarre Le Chauve' (Versatile)
Mark Force - 'Gypo' (Bitasweet)
Mark de Clive-Lowe - 'State of The Mental' (Antipodean)
Savana - ' Party' (White)
M.I.A. - 'Galang' (XL)
Local 12 - 'Caminando' (Bitasweet)
Blaktonez - 'Pleasure Ride' [Dub] (Main Squeeze)
Tubby T - 'Ready She Ready' [Seiji Remix] (51st State)
Unknown Artist - 'La Gringa' (Candela)
Sunship - 'Warrior Princess' [Solid Groove Mix] (Casual)
Quantic - 'Don't Joke' [Seiji Remix] (Tru Thoughs)
Basement Jaxx - 'Right Here's The Spot' (XL)
Prince - 'Erotic City' (Warner Bros.)
Bugz In The Attic - 'Booty La La' (V2)
Seiji & Spoonface - 'Yin Yang' (Honest Jons)
Afronaut - 'Golpe Tuyo Calinda' (Bitasweet)
Nu Yorican Soul - 'It's Alright I Feel It' (Talkin Loud)
Macy Gray - 'When I See You' [Bugz In The Attic Remix] (Sony)
download part 1
download part 2

DJ Food Stamp - 'J. Dilla (aka Jay Dee) Blends'

1. Beatnuts feat. Big Pun, Cuban Link - 'Off The Books (Stamp Blend)'
2. Gang Starr feat. Nice & Smooth - 'Dwyck (Stamp Blend)'
3. Lauryn Hill (of The Fugees) - 'Doo Wop (That Thing) (Stamp Blend)'
4. Kool G Rap - 'On The Run (Stamp Blend)'
5. Common & Vinia Mojica - 'The Sun God (Stamp Blend)'
6. Method Man & Redman - 'How High Part II (Stamp Blend)'
7. DJ Nu-Mark & Pomo feat. MF DOOM - 'My Melody (Stamp Blend)'
8. Dr. Dre feat. Snoop Dogg, Nate Dogg - 'The Next Episode (Stamp Blend)'
9. Rhymefest feat. Kanye West - 'Brand New (Stamp Blend)'
10. Tupac & Outlawz - 'Baby Don't Cry (Keep Ya Head Up II) (Stamp Blend)'
11. Masta Ace feat. Lord Digga - 'Saturday Night Live (Stamp Blend)'
12. O.C. - 'Born To Live (Stamp Blend)'
13. Lord Finesse - 'Hip 2 Da Game (Stamp Blend)'
14. Large Professor - 'After School (Stamp Blend)'
15. Mos Def - 'Travellin' Man (Stamp Blend)'

Jersey of the Day
Mike Vick
$80 + shipping
Size - XL

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Sunday, June 24, 2007

Your Friendly Neighborhood Baritone

Metal Gear Solid:Philanthropy

Check out these dudes on Rhymesayers. They're from the Seattle area with beats by Vitamin D and Jake One. Rock The Spot is kind of a party joint that might get you open just a little bit. The two emcee's smash the beat lovely. On the flip Gab kills the slow pace horns. Definitely a worthy 12".

Boom Bap Project - Rock The Spot / Wyle Out

A1 Rock The Spot (Clean)
A2 Rock The Spot (Street)
A3 Rock The Spot (Instrumental)
A4 Rock The Spot (Accapella)
B1 Wyle Out ft. Gift of Gab (Clean)
B2 Wyle Out ft. Gift of Gab (Street)
B3 Wyle Out ft. Gift of Gab (Instrumental)
B4 Wyle Out ft. Gift of Gab (Accapella)

The Next Shit

Jersey of the Day
Tom Brady
$80 + shipping
Size - 52

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Friday, June 22, 2007

Blood Money in a Pimp's Cum


And now for my next piece I'd like to return to the classics...

Dope album with Oh No on the boards. Check it check it out.

Kazi - The Plague

1 Stage 1 Primitive Music
2 Pressure
3 Sick With The Art
Producer - Kan Kick
Rap [Featuring] - Declaime , Medaphoar
4 Stage 2 Armageddon
5 Everybody Knows
6 L.O.V.E.
Vocals [Featuring] - Aloe Blacc
7 Have You Seen
8 Check It Out Remix
Rap [Featuring] - Wildchild (2)
9 Stage 3 Anarchy
Scratches - Double Dose (2)
10 So Invincible
Rap [Featuring] - Infamous MC, The
11 Tha Ones
Rap [Featuring] - Dr. Oop , Spontaneous , Wildchild (2)
12 Stage 4 War
13 U.N.I.T.Y.
Rap [Featuring] - Cornbread
Vocals [Featuring] - Dudley Perkins
14 Maxitout
15 Escape From Ox...To Be Continued

Jigmastas - Infectious

A1 Introduction
Producer - DJ Spinna
A2 Till The Day
Producer - DJ Spinna
A3 Vent
Producer - DJ Spinna
A4 Don't Get It Twisted
Featuring - Sadat X
Producer - DJ Spinna
B1 Elevate
Producer - DJ Spinna
Vocals - Angela Johnson
B2 8 Million Stories
Featuring - Joc Max
Producer - DJ Spinna
B3 Lyrical Mastery
Producer - DJ Joc Max
B4 C.S.S.
Producer - DJ Spinna
C1 Apology Not Accepted
Featuring - Apani B. Fly
Producer - DJ Spinna
C2 Cliche
Featuring - Mr. Akil
Producer - DJ Spinna
C3 Hollar
Guitar - Vernon Reid
Producer - DJ Spinna
Vocals - James Ramsey
D1 Nocturnal Jam
Producer - DJ Spinna
Vocals - Lorenda Robinson
D2 Reality Check
Featuring - Ha The Jet Black , Mr. Akil , Shadowman , Truth Enola
Producer - GE-OLOGY
D3 Outro
Producer - DJ Spinna

Genius walks amongst us.

Jersey of the Day
Reggie Jackson
$80 + shipping
Size - 52

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Thursday, June 21, 2007

I was in Baghdad before you was in your Daddy's bag

This is a Radio show done by my homie in Japan named Cap. Met him in Korea and he migrated over to Japan. Haven't spoke with him in awhile but I snagged this off his MySpace.

Whattup ya'll? I got some goodies from my collection today. I've been a House of Pain fan from forever ago when I didn't know shit about hip-hop. With me it's always been about the beats and Muggs definitely kills it on pretty much every HOP album he was affiliated with. I recently picked up a couple 12 inches from Records by Mail (shout outs!!!). I recommend ordering from them if you see anything you like...really easy to deal with. Anyways I picked up Shamrocks and Shenanigans and Word is Bond. Enjoy suckas! Also check out this post over at Biff Hop. They dropped the 12's for On Point, Over There (I Don't Care), Who's The Man, and Top O The Mornin To Ya.

House Of Pain - Legend / Word Is Bond

A1 Word Is Bond (Clean Radio Remix)
A2 Word Is Bond (Original Clean Radio)
A3 Legend (Extended Mix)
B1 Legend (Radio Edit)
B2 Word Is Bond (Remix Instrumental)
B3 Word Is Bond (Original Instrumental)

House Of Pain - Shamrocks And Shenanigans (Boom Shalock Lock Boom)

A1 Shamrocks And Shenanigans (Boom Shalock Lock Boom) (LP Version) (3:30)
A2 Shamrocks And Shenanigans (Boom Shalock Lock Boom) (Muggs Main Mix) (3:30)
Remix - DJ Muggs
A3 Shamrocks And Shenanigans (Boom Shalock Lock Boom) (Muggs Instrumental) (3:30)
Remix - DJ Muggs
B1 Shamrocks And Shenanigans (Boom Shalock Lock Boom) (Butch Vig Mix) (3:57)
Guitar - Steve Marker
Remix - Butch Vig
B2 Shamrocks And Shenanigans (Boom Shalock Lock Boom) (Salaam Main Pass) (3:58)
Remix - Salaam Remi
B3 Put Your Head Out (LP Version) (3:02)
Producer - DJ Muggs
Rap [Featuring] - B-Real
Written-By - L. Muggerud* , L. Freese*

Jersey of the Day
Earl "The Pearl" Monroe
$80 + shipping
Size 52

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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Mickey fucking MUNDAY

Blackalicious - The Craft

1. World Of Vibrations
2. Supreme People
3. Rhythm Sticks
4. Powers
5. Your Move
6. Lotus Flower
7. My Pen & Pad
8. Side To Side
9. Automatique
10. The Fall & Rise Of Elliot Brown
11. Black Diamonds & Pearls
12. Give It To You
13. Egosonic War Drums
14. The Craft

DJ JS-1 - Audio Technician

01 (2:57) Audio Technician feat. L.I.F.E. Long & Immortal Technique
02 (2:42) Complicated feat. DJ Slynke
03 (3:48) Bringin Back NY Rap feat. BL-One & Jak Danielz
04 (4:02) Babylon 5 feat. DJ Spinbad
05 (5:23) New Level feat. React, JS-1 & Eternal
06 (5:05) Dangerous feat. DJ Spinbad
07 (3:34) Basix feat. Tonedeff & PackFM
08 (5:33) Coldcutz feat. DJ Spinbad & DJ Slynke
09 (2:29) In N Out feat. Eternal & React
10 (2:28) Wake Up! feat. DJ Ody-Roc
11 (3:08) The Mission feat. Trez
12 (5:07) Make Me Laugh feat. Rahzel
13 (1:04) Press Rewind feat. Five Feet Perspectives
14 (2:54) DJ/Emcee feat. Radix
15 (3:19) BX Streets feat. Rahzel
16 (4:53) The More U Got feat. Dub-L
17 (4:52) Rule #4080
18 (5:08) Flying Guillotines feat. C-Rayz Walz, Akrobatik, Breez Evahflowin' & React
19 (4:52) Ventilation Scratchapella

DJ Mitsu - The Excellence (Selected Works)

1. DJ Mitsu The Beats / Yeah Y'all feat. Roddy Rod & Kev Brown
2. Pete Philly & Perquisite / Hope feat. Talib Kweli [DJ Mitsu The Beats remix]
3. Alex Attias presents Mustang / Help Me feat. Colonel Red [ DJ Mitsu TheBeats remix]
4. Diverse / Ain't Right [DJ Mitsu The Beats remix]
5. Platinum Pied Pipers / Stay With Me feat. Tiombe Lockhart [DJ Mitsu The Beats remix]
6. DJ Mitsu The Beats / Spireedom 2004
7. Bakura / Thinking About [DJ Mitsu The Beats remix]
8. Ivana Santilli / Everlasting [DJ Mitsu The Beats remix]
9. Crown City Rockers / Weekend Soul [DJ Mitsu The Beats remix]
10. DJ Mitsu The Beats & DJ Kentaro / Cannon Baller
11. Hidenka X DJ Mitsu The Beats / Hidenka X DJ Mitsu The Beats [Instrumental]

Jersey of the Day
Steve Atwater (All Pro)
$80 + shipping
Size - 54

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Sunday, June 17, 2007

And I'll beat yo assss

(via Nah Right)

A to the L is killin' it over at altrap with his cassette tape rips. Peep the DJ Break joint with the rnb on mash. Good looks on the link homie!

Thes-One breaks down a really really dope beat he made. I love these videos that explain things so simply. The greats always make it look so easy.

People Under The Stairs - The Next Step

1 Intro / 4 Everybody (6:05)
2 Death Of A Salesman (4:37)
3 Hardcore (4:35)
Rap [Featuring] - Smile-Oak
4 Wannabes (6:15)
5 Ten Tough Guys (3:23)
6 Mid-City Fiesta (4:28)
7 Slow Bullet (1:18)
8 San Francisco Knights (4:31)
9 The Turndown (4:52)
Rap [Featuring] - Assault (2)
10 Time To Rock Our Shit (4:24)
11 The Tamburo 5 (3:56)
Rap [Featuring] - Assault (2) , Naimad , Shine 5
12 Los Angeles Daze (6:19)
13 The Next Step II (3:44)
14 D.A.R.E. (4:18)
15 Asshole (4:46)
Rap [Featuring] - Assault (2)
16 Play It Again / Outro (4:36)

Jersey of the Day
Tracy McGrady
$80 + shipping
Size 48

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Saturday, June 16, 2007

The Jungle The Jungle The Brothers The Brothers

My homie Whitey put me on to this album after kicking it with him at his lab on the weekend. I had always knew Josh Martinez from his affiliation with Buck65 but never really checked for him. The album sounds really different from anything else I'm listening to and it's very refreshing. I recommend a listen. Also the dudes over at HIP HOP REVOL have posted Sleep's album "Christopher"

Josh Martinez and Sleep - The Chicharones

1 Bring Out The Clowns
Producer - Peegee 13
2 Take 'Em Down
3 America The Beautiful
4 Opposite Of Fair
Producer - Zebulon Dak
5 Alone
6 Megaheat 2004
7 Oregano
8 Blessing In Disguise
Producer - Zebulon Dak
9 Say Goodbye
Vocals [Featuring] - Zelly Rock
10 Bring On The Summer
Producer - Maker
Rap [Featuring] - Awol One , Bishop I , Kunga 219
Scratches - Skratch Bastid
11 Peaces
Producer - Samix (2)

(via MonkeysForHelping)

Jersey of the Day
Roberto Clemente
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Sizes - 54/56

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Thursday, June 14, 2007


I've been checking Art of Rhyme for what seems like years now. First heard about it from my buddy Dave. They always had the freshest joints coupled with little write-ups about each track. Below is their radio player so feel free to peep all the new shit they are pimping.

removed at users request

Art of Rhyme

This is probably the only E40 joint I have liked and will ever like. I heard it the other day and it's a very very appropriate summer track. Get my Maaaayo!

Big-up's to TheMan213 @ Hip-Hop Antics for posting this EP. My brother stole this from Macy's around the time this came out and brought it home. I was a big Digital Underground fan and fell in love with this CD despite it being so very very short. I remember rocking this with the volume turned way up and the volume on Echo the Dolphin turned way the F down. I was also playing "Pump Pump" while rocking NBA Jam on the Genesis. Strong rotation...

Digital Underground - The Return of The Crazy One (1993)

1 The Return Of The Crazy One (Radio Flava Mix) (4:27)
2 The Return Of The Crazy One (Lean Butter-Bean Remix) (5:13)
3 Carry The Way (Along Time) (4:16)
4 The Return Of The Crazy One (Party Flava Mix) (3:58)
5 The Return Of The Crazy One (Lean Butter-Bean Instrumental) (4:30)
6 The Return Of The Crazy One (Instrumental) (4:15)

Jersey of the Day
Jack Clark
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Size - 54

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Say Word!

The Future Sound of the Underground
Hatcha ::: 04/05/06 Mix at FWD


As I've said before, my boy Accomplice works magic in Acid 5.0. He made this track last year and I still rotate this quite frequently. Heavy heavy beats. WHERE IS THE DUBSTEP my brethren!!??!!??

SWV - You're The One (Remixes)

A1 '96 Anthem - You're The One (Allstar Remix With Rap) (4:58)
Rap [Featuring] - Lost Boyz , Smoothe Da Hustler , Trigger Tha Gambler
Remix - Allstar
A2 You're The One (DJ Clark Kent Remix With Rap) (4:39)
Rap [Featuring] - Jay-Z
Remix - Clark Kent
A3 You're The One (LP Version) (4:39)
B1 You're The One (Puff Daddy Bad Boy Remix With Rap) (4:38)
Rap [Featuring] - Busta Rhymes
Remix - Sean "Puffy" Combs , Stevie J
B2 You're The One (KO Remix) (4:33)
Remix - Brian O , Khalid K
B3 You're The One (Soul 360 Guitar Remix) (4:17)
Remix - Anthony Nance

Jersey of the Day
Uptowners (Rucker Park Collection)
$80 + shipping
Size - 54

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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

3 o'clock still have they ass running to Waffle House fa me

Styles Of Beyond - 2000 Fold

A1 Exile (Intro) (1:56)
Producer - DJ Cheapshot
A2 Styles Of Beyond (Style Warz) (4:50)
Featuring - Rhettmatic
Mixed By - Shawn Berman
Producer - Divine Styler
A3 Hollograms (3:49)
Featuring - Space Boy Boogie X
Producer - Vin Skully
A4 Dangerous Minds (2:47)
Producer - Vin Skully
A5 Spies Like Us (3:38)
Featuring - Emcee 007
Producer - Vin Skully
B1 Winnetka Exit (4:13)
Producer - Vin Skully
B2 Muuvon (4:02)
Producer - Bilal Bashir
B3 Easy Back It Up (3:11)
Producer - DJ Cheapshot
B4 Survival Tactics (3:37)
Producer - Vin Skully
C1 Skullyanamayshun (2:22)
Producer - Vin Skully
C2 Part II (Endangered) (3:09)
Featuring - Simon James
Producer - Vin Skully
C3 Gollaxowelcome (4:40)
Mixed By - Shawn Berman , Vin Skully
Producer - Divine Styler
C4 Click Beat Box (Interlude) (1:10)
Featuring - Click Tha Supah Latin
C5 Many Styles (4:43)
Featuring - DJ Revolution
D1 Killer Instinct (4:00)
Featuring - Divine Styler
D2 2000 Fold (4:54)
Producer - Bilal Bashir
D3 Come Out Your Frame (Interlude) (1:28)
Featuring - Rhettmatic
D4 Marco Polo (3:57)
Featuring - Emcee 007
Producer - Vin Skully
D5 Outro (1:19)
Producer - Vin Skully

Relkaz ::: April 27th 2007 Radio Show


Jersey of the Day
Dick Allen
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Size - 56

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Monday, June 11, 2007

I'm flowin:::just like water I'll slaughter

This is probably my favourite LL Cool J album. It had "I'm That Type of Guy" with the cheese video. I love how he busts into the vault and all there are is a bunch of 7's. You can't tell me LL didn't have better looking birds on call in '89. This album also had "Jinglin' Baby" which used the Black Belt Jones theme for the groove. Such a dope track still to this day. Marley flipped the remix with the Walking into Sunshine sample as well. If I can ever get a 12" with both cuts on it I'll die a happy man. There were so many other dope cuts on this album as well. Big Ole Butt, 1-900 LL Cool J, Nitro, and Going Back To Cali are all classics! If you don't have a copy of this you're either too young to know any better or still mad at the R&B he's doing now.

LL Cool J - Walking With A Panther

1 Droppin' Em (4:22)
2 Smokin' Dopin' (3:31)
3 Fast Peg (1:38)
Co-producer - Bryan Philpot
4 Clap Your Hands (5:07)
Guitar - Billy "Spaceman" Patterson
5 Nitro (4:43)
Co-producer - Eric Sadler , Hank Shocklee
6 You're My Heart (4:42)
7 I'm That Type Of Guy (5:16)
8 Why Do You Think They Call It Dope? (3:49)
9 Going Back To Cali (4:09)
Producer - Rick Rubin
10 It Gets No Rougher (5:16)
Co-producer - Eric Sadler , Hank Shocklee , Keith Shocklee
11 Big Ole Butt (4:34)
12 One Shot At Love (4:18)
Keyboards - David Tobocman
13 1-900 LL Cool J (3:01)
14 Two Different Worlds (5:19)
Vocals - Cydne Monet
15 Jealous (3:54)
16 Jingling Baby (4:15)
17 Def Jam In The Motherland (4:35)
18 Change Your Ways (3:20)

DJs Wood n Soo - Promo


You may recognize this dude from DJ Vadim USSR LP fame. Just slowly getting into him. This is his first release. Check it!

Skinnyman - Fuck the Hook EP

A1 Fuck The Hook
Producer - Baby J
A2 Day To Day Basis
Producer - Adam M
A3 Love's Gone From The Streets
Producer - Adam M
B1 What's My Life Like?
Producer - Adam M
B2 It's Over
Producer - Stone (4)
B3 Fuck The Hook (Instrumental)
Producer - Baby J

Jersey of the Day
"Pistol" Pete Maravich
$80 + shipping
Size - 54

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Friday, June 08, 2007

Serving up my customers a hustler of the diction

The first step was birth
Now forever cursed to analyze his self-worth
The second step was belief
He had to make that move before he even grew teeth
The third step, respect awareness
He could trip over the next step if he's careless
That next step, number four, was love
Can't touch it without stepping the other three above
As he froze for a moment
Ignoring the remaining ones
He was approaching, focus stolen
Looking down at his hands to see what he was holding
Nothing, empty
No choice but to keep going
The fifth step felt like a misstep
It was a re-evaluation of the first four
The anxiety, fear of what it hurts for
Caught in somewhere between the earths core
And the first floor
When he finally made it to step six
He could no longer see it for what it is
All of his views and family and life were askew
Number six had been twisted by the previous two
The last step, the seventh
Was the only thing left that kept him outside of heaven
One last breath and everything could be pleasant
Life through death, man's final lesson

Funkdoobiest - Which Doobie U B?

1 The Funkiest
Producer - DJ Lethal , DJ Muggs
2 Bow Wow Wow
Producer - DJ Lethal , DJ Muggs
3 Freak Mode
Producer - DJ Ralph M
4 I'm Shittin' On 'Em
Producer - T-Ray
5 Who's The Doobiest
Producer - T-Ray
6 Doobie To The Head
Producer - DJ Ralph M
7 Where's It At
Producer - T-Ray
8 Wopbabalubop
Producer - T-Ray
Rap [Featuring] - B-Real
9 The Porno King
Producer - DJ Ralph M
10 'Uh C'mon Yeah!
Producer - DJ Ralph M
11 Here I Am
Producer - DJ Ralph M
12 Funk's On Me
Producer - DJ Ralph M

Jersey of the Day
Nolan Ryan
$80 + shipping
Size - XL/XXL

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Thursday, June 07, 2007

Only place I'll be seein you is in the rearview

WOW! That makes me feel like I'm wasting my time doing whatever the fuck it is I'm doing.

Need any Prosthetic Eyes? ahhhh you're too late bitch!

Siik is a refixer/pretend DJ outta Cali who's been mixing for awhile now. I caught onto him from a Nujubes/Amerie refix he did which was out of this world. I ended up at his site and now you're hearing his banging mix. If you're thinking about booking him don't even try. He's one of those computer only goofy types. ha just jokes Ken...get some tables already!

lemongrass - lightning fire
kanye west - heard em say (instrumental)
federico aubele - postales
bonobo - ketto
thievery corporation - the supreme illusion
polyrhythm addicts - take me home
gift of gab - evolution
dwele - keep on
one self - over expose
nujabes - reflection eternal
the roots - act too (the love of my life)

Mighty Casey is a very very tight emcee out of Boston. You may have caught him on the Mike Nardone compilation "We Came From Beyond". The guy is definitely worth checking for. The Edan stuff on this tape is aight if you're into his shit. Dooley-O is dope. Casey = Bananas. The rest is some bullshit. Worth it for the Casey stuff though. If you can nab that "We Came From Beyond" post it up on the chatbox.

The Best of Lewis Recordings

1. Mic Manipulator Edan 3:57
2. Emcees Smoke Crack Remix Edan 4:14
3. Rock And Roll (Single Version) featuring Dagha Edan 3:31 *
4. The Gods Of Rome Edan 2:39 *
5. I Don't Want To Lose You Dooley O 4:29
6. Soaps Dooley O 3:37
7. I Wish Dooley O 4:14
8. White Girls Mighty Casey 4:05
9. Original Rudeboy Mighty Casey 3:04
10. Liquorland Mighty Casey 3:26
11. There Must be Some Kind Of Misunderstanding Andrew Thompson 3:18
12. We're In Business Andrew Thompson 3:42
13. Go Bananas Andrew Thompson 3:34
14. Cakes And Pies Cinnamon 2:52
15. Friday Night Cinnamon 2:37 *
16. Spike Initiating Zone Cinnamon 2:24
17. I Believe In A Thing Called Love The Funky Rednell 3:32 *
18. Raw Rehearsal - Bonus Track Edan and Dagha 7:35 *
19. Untitled V 2:41 *

Jersey of the Day
Gary "The Kid" Carter
$80 + shipping
Size - 52

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Trying to Find a Balance

DJ Soo - Head Noddin' - Nov, 2006


MC Serch - Return Of The Product

1 Here It Comes (3:31)
2 Don't Have To Be (3:06)
3 Back To The Grill (5:07)
Featuring - Chubb Rock , Nasty Nas , Red Hot Lover Tone
4 Hard But True (3:45)
5 Return Of The Product (5:08)
6 Daze In A Weak (2:39)
7 Can You Dig It (4:05)
8 Social Narcotics (5:17)
Featuring - Fatal*
9 Hits The Head (4:23)
10 Scenes From The Mind (4:05)
11 Here It Comes Again (4:35)

Jersey of the Day
Carlos Arroyo
$80 + shipping
Size - XL

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