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Saturday, June 16, 2007

The Jungle The Jungle The Brothers The Brothers

My homie Whitey put me on to this album after kicking it with him at his lab on the weekend. I had always knew Josh Martinez from his affiliation with Buck65 but never really checked for him. The album sounds really different from anything else I'm listening to and it's very refreshing. I recommend a listen. Also the dudes over at HIP HOP REVOL have posted Sleep's album "Christopher"

Josh Martinez and Sleep - The Chicharones

1 Bring Out The Clowns
Producer - Peegee 13
2 Take 'Em Down
3 America The Beautiful
4 Opposite Of Fair
Producer - Zebulon Dak
5 Alone
6 Megaheat 2004
7 Oregano
8 Blessing In Disguise
Producer - Zebulon Dak
9 Say Goodbye
Vocals [Featuring] - Zelly Rock
10 Bring On The Summer
Producer - Maker
Rap [Featuring] - Awol One , Bishop I , Kunga 219
Scratches - Skratch Bastid
11 Peaces
Producer - Samix (2)

(via MonkeysForHelping)

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