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Monday, December 31, 2007

The Anti Bullshitter


Anotha Level - On Anotha Level

A1 Level Lounge (1:24)
A2 Let Me Take Ya (4:29)
Vocals - Don Jagwarr
A3 Just Feelin' (4:30)
A4 Don't Stimulate (4:01)
A5 Stimulating (0:24)
A6 A Question 2 Ask (3:26)
A7 Don't Fight It (3:57)
B1 What's That Cha Say (4:15)
B2 Swingaz (1:03)
B3 Caught You Swingin' (2:54)
Vocals - Lay Law , Ms. Angela Teek
B4 On Deck (4:00)
B5 Level-N-Service (4:48)
Rap [Featuring] - Ice Cube
B6 Fo Sho Shot (3:44)
B7 Late (2:55)


The Roots - Illadelph Halflife [1996]

A1 Level Lounge (1:24)
A2 Let Me Take Ya (4:29)
Vocals - Don Jagwarr
A3 Just Feelin' (4:30)
A4 Don't Stimulate (4:01)
A5 Stimulating (0:24)
A6 A Question 2 Ask (3:26)
A7 Don't Fight It (3:57)
B1 What's That Cha Say (4:15)
B2 Swingaz (1:03)
B3 Caught You Swingin' (2:54)
Vocals - Lay Law , Ms. Angela Teek
B4 On Deck (4:00)
B5 Level-N-Service (4:48)
Rap [Featuring] - Ice Cube
B6 Fo Sho Shot (3:44)
B7 Late (2:55)


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Liqourland is a real nice place

Whattup ya'll? I wanted to get this up before 2008 because dude got at me awhile ago about this. This dude's called Has-Lo from Phila and he's real nice with the beats and rhymes. I've been bumping this EP the last couple days and I'm really feeling that track The Usual Way. Anyways here's a little interview I did with him. Hit him up on his blog or MySpace and let him know what you think you leaching dickhead.


IB ::: What made you decide to start MC'ing?

Has-Lo ::: My first tape was Radio from L.L. Then later on I got EPMD Strictly Business and M.C. Lyte. I loved those tapes. As I got more into the music, I was like "i can do that" and started writing rhymes...and I never stopped.

What is the hip-hop scene like in Philly?

The scene is veeeeery redundant. Maybe there's some originality somewhere in it and i just don't know about it. But pretty much it's about posturing and machismo. Murder murder murder, kill kill kill. Ultra-thugs just like anywhere, U.S.A. Nothing to shout about.

Who has been the most influential MC on you and what makes him so special?

Probably Nas. With "Illmatic" and "It Was Written" he changed the way I approached rhyming. Not only did he take his world (basically an inner-city hell hole) and paint it from this intelligent almost existential stand point, the words he was putting together! It wasn't just "sad-glad-mad", it was much more complex. There was an elegance to the wordplay. I wanted that. Plus I can't name a rapper that he ain't influence.

What was your most memorable show to date?

I did a show at this place called the Red Stallion. It was a halloween show. It wasn't even a hip hop show, it was a rock show with metal bands. I was the only rapper there. It was ill 'cause that was the night I figured out what worked on stage for me. Before that my performances were dry as hell. I hadn't found my stage voice, but that night...I killed it.

Sample ImageI prefer the sound of a dusty old record...give me an mpc and I'm good

What's the hottest track of the year?

Anything from that "Fuck Has Day" EP. But if I had to pick someone else's hand I'd say the saigon joint.

What's your favourite microphone?

I don't know much about mics but there was this microphone that I used in my friend's studio. A Rode N/T something or other...I made some dope songs there so...that mic.

When you're in the studio recording, do you prefer live instruments or pre-recorded music?

Pre-recorded. I'm a sample dude. It's rare that I have any live instrumentation in my music. I prefer the sound of a dusty old record. The sound of a programmed beat. Give me an mpc and I'm good.

Break down your song writing progress.

I don't like to write with the beat on. It throws off my internal rhythm. One of the hardest parts to me is coming up with the opening line. I usually come up with some bars, turn the beat on, spit 'em to see how they fall on the beat, and just keep adding on that way. I usually write the hook (if there is one) at the end. It takes me longer to write now because I don't want to rehash things. I want to keep the quality high. I don't want the masses to finally catch on and then feel like I'm a one trick pony or something. Gotta keep finding new and different combinations of words, or cadences or whatever.

How do you feel about the music that is being pushed/backed by the record labels/industry at the moment?

If it's a major label, I don't feel any way. A LOT of those albums are trash anyway. Hold them shits forever. I think I've heard my share of Akon hooks for one lifetime. You can't even get excited about albums anymore 'cause they leak 75% of the LP before you can even cop the joint.

Would you rhyme on a track with a coked-up Brittney?

Umm yea. But only if Dj Premier makes the track. And she gotta get puffy to do some Hate Me Now, Life After Death ad-libs. Die muthafucka die muthafucka die! That...would be dumb hot.

Has-Lo - F*ck Has Day EP

1. Prelude
2. Calibration
3. F*ck Has Day
4. The Usual Way
5. Unsigned M.C.s
6. Hands
7. Molotov Cocktails
8. All's Fair



some old old shit...
Aug 30th 2005

DJ Swann - The Cheddar Mixtape

Rakim - It's Been A Long Time
OC - War Games
Fat Joe - Dat Gangsta Sh*t (Swann Blend)
Jay-Z - 99 Problems(DJ Lt. Dan Remix)
KRS-ONE - Sound Of Da Police
The Beatnuts - Yae Yo
The Demigodz - Science of the Bumrush pt. 2
Gangstarr - Battle
OC ft. Freddie Foxx - M.U.G.
House of Pain ft. Diamond D - Word is Bond
Apathy - Freestyle over The Lesson
Funkdoobiest - Freak Mode
Method Man & Redman - Do What Ya Feel
Boot Camp Clik - Blackout
KRS-ONE - HowManyEmcees
Tha Alkaholiks - The Next Level
Pete Rock ft. Big Pun & Common - Verbal Murder 2
Lord Finesse - Flip Da Style
Gangstarr - The Natural
Jaylib - The Red
Show & AG - You Know Now (Buckwild Remix)
Common Sense ft. Kanye West - They Say
D.I.T.C. - Day One
Classified - 5th Element
The Beatnuts - Bring The Funk Back
Diverse ft. Mos Def - One AM (RJD2 Remix)


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Thursday, December 20, 2007

blends blends blends

The Beatcrafters Remixes And Blends [2006]

01.J - Force-Bullseye (Prod. Devil McDoom)
02.INI - Fakin’ Jax (Prod. Devil McDoom)
03.Nas - Get Down (Prod. Incise)
04.Mass Influence - Systematic (Prod. Devil McDoom)
05.Looptroop - For Your Listening Pleasure (Prod. Devil McDoom)
06.Nas - It Ain’t Hard To Tell (Prod. Incise)
07.Ghostface - Save Me Dear (Prod. Descry)
08.Charizma - My World Premier (Prod. Descry)
09.Hezekiah - Live & Direct feat. Grand Agent (Prod. Devil McDoom)
10.Gangstarr - DWYCK ft. Nice & Smooth (Prod. Incise)
11.Cectpa Keppn vs. Freddie Foxxx - Hardcore (McDoom Bootleg Blend)
12.Large Professor - After School (Prod. Incise)
13.Common, Mos Def, and Q - Tip-The Look (Prod. Descry)
14.Nas - If I Ruled The World ft. Lauryn Hill (Prod. Incise)
15.Lyrics Born - Do That There (Prod. Descry)
16.Mobb Deep - Got It Twisted (Prod. Rain and Descry)
17.Ak Skillz - Check Da Flava (Prod. Devil McDoom)


The Nextmen - Personal Golf Instructions from Driver Thru Putter [2004]

1. The Grip
2. The Stance
3. The Woods
4. The Irons
5. Chipping And Putting

Part 1
Part 2

Pete Rock - 914 / The PJs [2006]

A1 914 (Clean)
Rap [Featuring] - Sheek Louch , Styles P
A2 914 (Main)
Rap [Featuring] - Sheek Louch , Styles P
A3 914 (Instrumental)
B1 The PJs (Clean)
Rap [Featuring] - Masta Killa , Raekwon
B2 The PJs (Main)
Rap [Featuring] - Masta Killa , Raekwon
B3 The PJs (Instrumental)


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?uestlove love love

ILL MOVEMENTSjeah! Just caught a free show last night. ?uest definitely ripped it, while playing one of the most eclectic mixes I've heard in a minute. Dude never missed a beat and mashed everything together into a delicious chicken bowl of beats. Thanks to Ryan at ILL MOVEMENTS for throwing this shit for free. Shout-outs to all the hot Asian women that were in attendance. We love you more than you know.

Fat Jack And Mascaria - Timespan [2006]

1 Free Style Session
2 Time Span
3 Rainy Days
4 The Color Of Love
5 Ice Clouds
6 Hunger
7 Seven Steps
8 100 Years
9 In The Now
10 Sundays
11 Without Fear
12 Humming Birds
13 The Dreamer

chilled out beats


01. Stay On The Groove - The New Mastersounds
02. What If We All Stopped Paying Taxes - Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings
03. Funky Me (parts 1 & 2) - Troubled Soul
04. Freedom - New Process
05. Battle Of Funk - Jaguar
06. Show And Prove (parts 1 & 2) - Breakestra
07. Doin' The Thing - Lefties Soul Connection
08. Gravel Rash - Cookin' On Three Burners
09. Ham Gallery - Poets Of Rhythm
10. Don't Joke With A Hungry Man - Quantic & Spanky Wilson
11. El Dios Padrino - MFOS
12. Work It Out - Speedometer
13. Hold It Down - Quantic Soul Orchestra
14. If I Had A Band - Context
15. Everything's Gonna Be Alright - Ria Currie & The Deep Soul Messengers
16. Two Note Brown - The New Mastersounds
17. Give Me A Chance - Lee Fields & The Dap-Kings
18. No Rest For The Wicked - Big Daddy Moochin'
19. Fakin' It - Sharon Jackson & The Soul Destroyers
20. Tighten Up - The Bamboos


Let The Groove Move You : Stay On The Groove Vol 2 [2006]

01. The Bamboos Ft Alice Russell - Step It Up 5:38
02. Cookin On 3 Burners - Cressy St. Breakdown 4:43
03. Breakestra - Got To Let Me Know 3:39
04. Poets Of Rhythm - More Mess On My Thing 5:24
05. Quantic Soul Orchestra Ft Alice Russell - Pushin On 4:57
06. Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings - Genuine 3:53
07. Orasio Garcia & Young Musicians - Outer Space Pt 1 4:17
08. Marva Whitney - I Am What I Am (Parts 1 & 2) 4:35
09. Speedometer - At The Speakeasy 3:13
10. The New Mastersounds - Give Me A Minute (Part 1) 3:00
11. The Boogaloo Investigators - Lets Work A While 3:30
12. The Quartertones - Caffeine (Dj Format's Getaway Version) 3:24
13. The Limp Twins - Another Day In The Life Of Mr Jones (The Bamboos Version) 3:11
14. The Budos Band - Budos Theme 3:05
15. The Soul Snatchers - Get Yourself Together 3:12
16. Kashmere Stage Band - Superstrut (Kenny Dope Remix) 6:37
17. The Apples - Attention 3:33
18. Clarence Foster And The Internal Revenue - Fry ChickenIn Your Hotpants 1:43
19. Natural Self Featuring Alice Russel - I Don't Need This Trouble 3:58
20. Naomi Davis - Wind Your Clock 5:07

Part 1
Part 2

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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Here on this agenda, there is no pretenders

The Nextmen - Spin It Round [2005]

A1 Spin It Round (Main)
Rap [Featuring] - B Ellis , D Betmead , Dynamite MC
A2 Spin It Round (Instrumental)
B1 Average Joe (Main)
Rap [Featuring] - B Ellis , D Betmead , JSD (2) , Mark One
B2 Average Joe (Instrumental)
B3 Spin It Round (Acapella)
Rap [Featuring] - B Ellis , D Betmead , Dynamite MC


DJ Krush - Stepping Stones The Self-Remixed Best [2005]


1-1 Only The Strong Survive (Bon Mix) (4:04)
Rap [Featuring] - C.L. Smooth
1-2 Kiro (Vib Mix) (5:45)
Rap [Featuring] - Rino Latina II , Twigy
1-3 Vision Of Art (Broken Mix) (4:52)
Rap [Featuring] - Company Flow
1-4 Zen Approach (Cradle Mix) (4:17)
Rap [Featuring] - Black Thought
1-5 Final Home (Piano Mix) (4:16)
Vocals [Featuring] - Esthero
1-6 Kill Switch (Beep Mix) (4:20)
Rap [Featuring] - Aesop Rock
1.7 Nosferatu (Space-Cadet Mix) (4:15)
Rap [Featuring] - Mr. Lif
1-8 Song For John Walker (Sticky Mix) (5:33)
Rap [Featuring] - Anticon
1-9 Meiso (Silent-Gun Mix) (3:42)
Rap [Featuring] - Black Thought , Malik B.
1-10 Danger Of Love (Gray-Sky Mix) (5:13)
Vocals [Featuring] - Zap Mama
1-11 Shinjiro (Harsh Mix) (4:35)
Rap [Featuring] - Mos Def
1-12 Mosa (4:23)
Rap [Featuring] - Kan (2)
1-13 Mosa (Remix) (4:15)
Rap [Featuring] - Kan (2)

2-1 Intro
Voice - Koto (3)
2-2 Stormy Cloud (Raindrop Mix)
Featuring - Ken Shima
Music By - DJ Krush , Ken Shima
2-3 Elapse
2-4 Trihedron (Stray Mix)
Featuring - Opus, The
Music By - DJ Krush , Opus, The
2-5 Still Island (Still 'N' Slow Mix)
Featuring - Shuuzan Morita
Music By - DJ Krush , Shuuzan Morita
2-6 Endless Railway (Sentiment Mix)
Featuring - Ahmir '?uestlove' Thompson
Music By - Ahmir '?uestlove' Thompson , DJ Krush
2-7 Day's End (After-Dusk Mix)
Featuring - Kazufumi Kodama
Music By - DJ Krush , Kazufumi Kodama
2-8 Outro (Revised)
2-9 Duality (2006K Mix)
Featuring - DJ Shadow
Music By - DJ Krush , DJ Shadow
2-10 Kemuri (Untouchable Mix)
2-11 Drum
2-12 Duck Chase (Double-Up Mix)
Featuring - Phonosycographdisk
Music By - DJ Krush , Phonosycographdisk
2-13 Bypath - Would You Take It (Static Mix)


Super Breaks Vol.1: Essential Funk Soul & Jazz Breakbeats [1999]

1. Intro - Soul Children
2. Ike's Mood - Hayes, Isaac
3. Light My Fire - Wilson, Jackie
4. Different Strokes - Johnson, Syl
5. Thinking Single - Counts
6. Blind Alley - Emotions
7. Take Yo' Praise - Yarbrough, Camille
8. What A Man - Lyndell, Linda
9. Tramp - Fulson, Lowell
10. Smoky Joe's La La - Rene, Googie Combo
11. Eva - Perrey, Jean Jacques
12. Rock Creek Park - Blackbyrds
13. Got To Learn How To Dance - Fatback Band
14. Bouncy Lady - Pleasure
15. Drowning In The Sea Of Love - Simon, Joe
16. Walk Tall - Cannonball Adderley
17. Burning Spear - SOUL
18. Tramp - SOUL
19. Chick A Boom - Pazant Brothers
20. Baby Let Me Take You In My Arms - Detroit Emeralds


DJ Muro - PAN RHYTHM : FLIGHT NO 11154 [2000]

01. Intoro (Get Ready For Turbulence)
02 Pan Rhythm
03. 11154
04. Bohemian
05. Castaway Feat. Gabriela Anders
06. El Camaval
07. Missing From The Studio
08. Hip Hop Band Feat. Boo
09. 病む街Pt.2 Feat. Twigy & Rino
10. Patch Up The Pieces Feat. Freddie Foxxx aka Pumpy Knuckles
11. Beat Stalker
12. Stealthy Footsteps Feat. Goriki
13. The Vibe Obsession Feat. Roy Ayers
14. Lyrical Tyrants Feat. Diamond & O.C.
15. Jah Music Feat. Boo
16. Hall Of Famer
17. Outro (Let's Get THe Hell Out Of Here)

part 1
part 2

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Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Paul Nice - Soul On The Grill

1 Unknown Artist A Message From Iris (0:58)
2 S.S.O. Faded Lady (3:23)
3 Esther Phillips Home Is Where The Hatred Is (2:53)
4 Raw Soul Express The Way We Live (3:23)
5 Ernie Hines Our Generation (2:28)
6 Love Unlimited Orchestra Strange Games & Things (2:48)
7 Barry White Just A Little Bit More (2:04)
8 L.A. Boppers You Did It Good (1:05)
9 Al Green I'm Glad You're Mine (1:34)
10 Main Ingredient Summer Breeze (3:29)
11 Stylistics People Make The World Go Round (3:40)
12 Ramsey Lewis Sun Goddess (4:36)
13 Eddie Kendricks If You Let me (2:31)
14 Dynasty Adventures In The Land Of Music (2:10)
15 Meters, The Just Kissed My Baby (2:01)
16 Pleasure (4) Bouncy Lady (1:37)
17 Sylvia Striplin You Can't Turn Me Away (2:17)
18 Curtis Mayfield Trippin' Out (3:29)
19 Fatback Band, The Got To Learn How To Dance (1:11)
20 Roy Ayers Life Is Just A Moment (1:19)
21 Kool & The Gang N.T. (3:17)
22 Chambers Brothers, The Funky (1:40)
23 Brass Construction What's On Your Mind (0:57)
24 Soul Searchers, The Ashley's Roach Clip (3:50)
25 Faze-O Riding High (2:57)
26 Average White Band School Boy Crush (1:11)
27 Johnny Guitar Watson Superman Lover (3:26)
28 Cymande The Message (2:45)
29 Cat Stevens Was Dog A Doughnut (4:34)

Paul Nice - Soul On The Grill 2: The Early 80's Session

1 Change Heaven Of My Life (5:19)
2 I-Level Give Me (3:37)
3 Central Line Walking Into Sunshine (3:31)
4 Alicia Meyers* I Want To Thank You (2:15)
5 Fatback Band, The I Found Lovin' (3:33)
6 Pieces Of A Dream Mt. Airy Groove (1:53)
7 Gwen Guthrie Seventh Heaven (3:21)
8 Patrice Rushen Feels So Real (Won't Let Go) (3:03)
9 Kleer* Intimate Connection (3:16)
10 Fat Larry's Band Act Like You Know (1:15)
11 Whatnots, The Help Is On The Way (3:10)
12 Junior (2) Too Late (2:53)
13 Steve Arrington Nobody Can Be You (1:29)
14 AM-FM You Are The One (4:27)
15 Bar-Kays Holy Ghost (2:31)
16 Orange Krush Action (1:23)
17 Jimmy Spicer The Bubble Bunch (3:32)
18 Jocelyn Brown Somebody Else's Guy (3:53)
19 Maze Featuring Frankie Beverly Before I Let Go (4:49)
20 Earth, Wind & Fire Brazilian Rhyme (2:38)
21 D-Train You're The One For Me (4:31)
22 Luther Vandross Never Too Much (3:33)
23 Womack & Womack Baby I'm Scared Of You (5:50)

Paul Nice vs. Jay-Z "The Unofficial Black Album Remix"

1. Intro
2. December 4th
3. What More Can I Say
4. Encore
5. Change Clothes
6. Dirt Off Your Shoulder
7. Threat
8. Moment of Clarity
9. 99 Problems
10. Public Service Announcement
11. Justify My Thug
12. Lucifer
13. Allure
14. My 1st Song

DJ Muro vs. Paul Nice - JFK To Narita

No Tracklist:

Paul Nice - Choice Cuts [2003]

1. Definition Of Nice Feat. AG Gennessee and DJ Babu
2. Turn The Party Out Feat. Biz Markie
3. Conflict (Remix) Feat. Guru Masta Ace
4. Hey Ladies (Remix) Feat. Beastie Boys
5. Dont Understand Feat. Masta Ace and Greg Nice
6. Grand Right Now (Remix) Feat. Grand Agent
7. Let Me Tell You Something (Remix) Feat. Foreign Legion
8. A View To Kill Feat. Rasco
9. Time Waits For No Man Feat. Rasco Encore
10. Rolling Along Feat. Moka Only Abstract Rude
11. Live By The Mic Feat. Street Reportas
12. Finer (Remix) Feat. Nightmares On Wax
13. Fists Of The White Lotus (Inst)
14. Break It Down (Inst)

part 1
part 2
part 3
part 4
part 5
part 6

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Monday, December 17, 2007

hana, doul, set, NET

Time Machine - Night Lights

A1 Night Lights (Radio)
Chorus [Featuring] - Jahpan
A2 Night Lights (Instrumental)
A3 Night Lights (Acapella)
A4 Forgot Your Break Record...?
B1 Personal Ads (Remix) (Radio)
Rap [Featuring] - Boomy
B2 Personal Ads (Remix) (Instrumental)
B3 Slow Your Roll (Megamix)

link removed at artist request

DJ Mekalek ::: For My People (Soundtable Japan Exclusive)


People Under The Stairs - Acid Raindrops

A1 Acid Raindrops (4:40)
Featuring - Camel MC
A2 Acid Raindrops (Instrumental) (4:30)
A3 Acid Raindrops (Clean) (4:40)
B1 Hang Loose (Part 2) (4:35)
B2 Montego Slay (4:08)
B3 Montego Slay (Instrumental) (4:08)

link removed at artist request

People Under The Stairs - Tuxedo Rap / Nothing At All

A Tuxedo Rap (Extended Disco Mix) (7:33)
B1 Nothing At All (3:15)
B2 Nothing At All (Instrumental) (3:15)
B3 Nothing At All (Acapella) (3:10)
B4 Tuxedo Rap (Acapella) (4:06)

link removed at artist request

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Sunday, December 16, 2007


Erick Sermon - Special Edition

A1 Lil Crazy (LP Version)
Featuring - Shadz Of Lingo
A2 Payback II (LP Version)
Featuring - Joe Sinistr
A3 Hostile(LP Version)
Featuring - Jeffrey Stewart , Keith Murray
B1 Stay Real (Remix)
B2 Do It Up


Redman - Funkorama

A1 Redman - Funkorama (LP Version Clean) (3:02)
A2 Redman - Funkorama (LP Version) (3:02)
A3 Redman - Funkorama (Funk Doctor Mix) (3:02)
B1 Redman - Funkorama (Instrumental LP Mix) (3:02)
B2 Redman - Funkorama (Acapella) (3:02)
B3 The Wixtons - Up Jump The Boogie (LP Version) (4:08)


Keith Murray - Hot To Def / Love L.O.D.

A1 Hot To Def (Clean)
A2 Hot To Def (LP Version)
A3 Hot To Def (Instrumental)
B1 Love L.O.D. (Clean)
Rap [Featuring] - 50 Grand , Kel-Vicious
B2 Love L.O.D. (LP Version)
Rap [Featuring] - 50 Grand , Kel-Vicious
B3 Love L.O.D. (Instrumental)


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Friday, December 14, 2007

Pal Penis [Wrestling Legend]

Repenteths over at strictly beats put me onto this video. Very very dope stuff.

Charli Baltimore - Everybody Wanna Know

A1 Everybody Wanna Know (Radio)
A2 Everybody Wanna Know (Album)
A3 Everybody Wanna Know (Instrumental)
B1 Angel Dust (Radio)
B2 Angel Dust (Album)
B3 Angel Dust (Instrumental)


J-Zone - A Friendly Game Of Basketball / Spoiled Rotten

A1 A Friendly Game Of Basketball (Ho Mix - Clean)
A2 A Friendly Game Of Basketball (Raw Mix - Dirty)
A3 A Friendly Game Of Basketball (Shut Up - Instrumental)
B1 Spoiled Rotten (Ho Mix - Clean)
Featuring - Celph Titled
B2 Spoiled Rotten (Raw Mix - Dirty)
Featuring - Celph Titled
B3 Spoiled Rotten (Shut Up - Instrumental)


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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The Generous PIMP

D.I.T.C. - Thick / Time To Get This Money

A1 Thick (Neat)
Producer - DJ Premier
A2 Thick (Street)
Producer - DJ Premier
A3 Thick (Beat)
Producer - DJ Premier
B1 Time To Get The Money (Neat)
Producer - Ahmed
Scratches - DJ Premier
B2 Time To Get The Money (Street)
Producer - Ahmed
Scratches - DJ Premier
B3 Time To Get The Money (Beat)
Producer - Ahmed
Scratches - DJ Premier


Diamond D - The Hiatus / No Wonduh (The Projects)

A1 The Hiatus (Radio) (3:47)
A2 The Hiatus (LP Version) (3:50)
A3 The Hiatus (Instrumental) (3:50)
B1 No Wonduh (The Projects) (Radio) (3:42)
B2 No Wonduh (The Projects) (LP Version) (3:51)
B3 No Wonduh (The Projects) (Instrumental) (3:51)


Louis Logic: Hip Hop's Piano Man
Written by Wreck Loose   

 Active Image
An interview with Louis Logic.

Amongst a thick fog of average, uninspired, insipid rappers emerges a true artist.  A Long Island bred master of rap language and a multi-syllabic sorcerer.   What Louis Logic does with the microphone is the verbal equivalent to what John Steinbeck did with a pen. 

Many know the name by the reputation of his classic debut album alone, but the former pro skateboarder still kicks and pushes the limits of his music and the hip hop genre with his versatile sonic abilities.  Whether it be a reminiscent soulful croon about past relationships gone bad, or a melodious massage of the ivory, Louis Logic is by no means your average rapper.

A year after his last record, ‘Misery Loves Comedy,’ had the chance to sit down with Lou to talk about his upcoming projects, his newfound admiration for the piano, and what he wants for Christmas—

LoW: What did you eat for breakfast this morning?

Louis Logic: 2 cups of coffee with 2 sugars and evaporated milk. The breakfast of old folks everywhere. 

LoW: What music (albums/single songs/artists) have you been listening to lately? Can you recommend us anything good to check out? 

Louis Logic: All things Elliott Smith and Jeff Buckley, Beirut's new album Flying Club Cup. Of course the new Rufus Wainwright record, Release the Stars. He's my favorite singer/songwriter. The new Radiohead record In Rainbows. It's beautiful. They are my favorite band. Let's see, Sondre Lerche. He's fantastic. Just saw him play Bowery Ballroom 2 nights ago. He's a Norwegian singer/songwriter/guitarist. Very jazz influenced, very young, very talented. The Decemberists.

LoW:  I know that you love all genres of music, but I understand that you don't really listen to hip hop that often. Is there any reason for that?

Louis Logic: Yeah. There is. I don't want you or anyone who reads this to get the wrong impression. I love rapping. I love the sound of it. I love doing it. I love a great beat. I even get hungry for them. It's hard to explain but I just feel a little let down by rap music. There was a time when that didn't happen to me, because I didn't know any better.

It took less to make me happy. Before I started venturing into other genres of music and then ultimately learning how music is written I didn't know what a measure was let alone have an understanding about how most rap records are essentially loops of a few short measures of music. The structural arrangements are often repetitive too, 16 bar verses and 8 bar choruses. Who counts out their music in bars anyway!?! Haha! I'm getting all fired up now. I'm sorry.

What I really want to convey is that I think this music is filled with the potential for a greatness it has yet to achieve. Oh brother! I sound like a fuckin' politician. What am I trying to say here? I could be way off base. I'm not saying I'm going to be the one to save it. I'm just seeking fulfillment like the rest of you.

When you're a kid, before you taste Indian or Thai food you live your life on hot dogs, hamburgers and pizza. Then one day you try something different and your horizons broaden. You still love hot dogs and hamburgers or maybe now it's Tofu Pups and Morningstar Grillers, but now you have an interest and a taste for a wide world of possibility. That's all it is. I'm not satisfied unless I get to sample the cuisine of exotic cultures.

LoW: What type of music inspires you the most?

Louis Logic: Well, with my current trajectory some people are wondering if I'll be making rap records in the next year. Losing my sense of inspiration from rap is problematic to be sure. I feel a little like Damien Karras, the priest in the Exorcist who lost his faith. I must confess that I don't have the solution to this particular problem. I've tried to make the rap music I thought would inspire both me and others like me. I don't know if it worked.

It's hard to tickle yourself, you know. I'm still trying, but it's not as easy as imagining and wanting to change things. It sounds sad, but it seems to me that rap will have to destroy itself like a civilization before this happens. We've watched the music get simpler and worse each year. Less people are buying it and the shelf life is getting shorter. Where do you think it's headed? Even pop rap artists can't sell records anymore. If that's not a sign of the apocalypse to come, I don't know what is.

I've got sad news for us hip-hoppers. This isn't happening on the same scale in the rock and indie rock world. Don't let the heroin chic and washed out look fool you. Those guys are much healthier career-wise. You see, I sometimes feel bad about expressing these ideas, but then I realize this isn't my fault. We're all a part of it.

I seek inspiration where it still happens for me in the hopes that it will yield music that works to the cause of re generating interest in rap records. I couldn't tell you if it's working. My records don't even reach enough people to serve as a true test of the theory, but I always dreamed of being the first rap artist invited to play at Carnegie Hall. That's stupid isn't it? I felt stupid just saying it.

Sample Image Even pop rap artists can't sell records anymore. If that's not a sign of the apocalypse to come, I don't know what is.

LoW: For years you were the crass, alcoholic, misogynistic Lou. Now we are seeing a more mature, sincere, and tranquil Lou-- What happened?

Louis Logic: Now, that is an interesting question. No one ever wants to put it to me that way. Maybe they feel like I'll interpret the question as: "Why did you get all serious and mature on us? We liked your records more when you were a drunk, crazy womanizer." I love the "What happened?"at the end of it. That's hilarious. It sounds like you're expecting me to tell you I had some near-death experience that changed my life, like a car crash or a white water rafting trip gone awry.

The simple truth is I got older and I had some pretty intense learning experiences in my romantic relationships. I mean if you think about it, I wrote the songs on the Sin-A-Matic album between the ages of 24-26. I'm gonna be 33 years old in less than a month. It's not strange that I no longer think women are bitches and gay people are faggots. I grew up. I don't laugh at the same things I thought were funny when I was 22. It takes a little more than some cursing and offensive lyrics to get me smiling.

Lou Tickles the Ivory LoW: It seems that you have fallen in love with the piano. Can you tell us more about why you have taken this direction and where this will steer your career? Should we expect a piano based album from the new "Chris Martin of hip hop?"

Louis Logic: Hahaha. Who called me that? Is that your idea? That's amusing. Do people think of him when they think "piano player who sings"? I always think "Billy Joel or Harry Connick Jr., Jerry Lee Lewis" and such. I don't have anything against Chris Martin though.

I like some of his songs. The song "Trouble" on the Parachutes album is really pretty. You know, you're right on the money with the phrasing though. J.J. even says the same thing to me. You fell in love with the piano. We had a lot of fights about it. It's reason for concern, I suppose. Just because I love it doesn't mean that anyone else will.

Far as an album, I haven't been shy or secretive about my intentions to learn enough to make a piano based record. I've been slowly working on songs I hope to record for an EP as a test run. This won't be a louis logic project though. I don't see the need to connect the two.

I'm going to call the project Kiss Her Stupid. It's not going to start as a band, although I will seek session players to fill out the arrangements. There will be singing and rapping on the record. I'm sure some of the kids who like my work and follow what I'm doing know about this, but just to clarify, I don't consider this as a replacement for my rap career. I just want to do it. I'll let the outcome tell me what's next. I don't have some preconceived notion of how this will go and what the results will imply.

LoW:  What projects are you currently working on? (Can you please also tell us the release date for the Beatman and Rockin' record).

Louis Logic:  Man! I wish I could. I'm glad you did your homework though. That means a lot to me. Thank you for taking such an interest in what the future holds for me. I hope the audiences will have the same ambition to seek this record out when it's ready. It's getting more difficult to put out a record with each passing year. As it happens, I bought a plane ticket to Denmark yesterday.

I'm going to be working on the record for a few weeks in December. I think maybe one more session and I'll have something from which I might cull an album. This record is the next rap full length I will be making and releasing and the name of the group will be Spork. I don't know what we're calling the album yet, but for an early forecast, I can tell you that this is a much more silly record than Misery Loves Comedy. The only other projects I'm working on are executive producing J.J. Brown's solo effort, studying piano and writing for the Kiss Her Stupid EP.

LoW: I heard there were rumors of appearing on a Gym Class Heroes Remix record? Is this true?

Louis Logic: Well, I can only say that I am on such a song. Will it ever surface? I have no idea. You'll have to watch and wait, which is exactly what I'm doing. Wish I could offer more than that. By the by, you should consider a career in private investigation. How do you guys find this shit out?

LoW: *Smiles and shrugs* I always thought of you as one of the first 'underground' artists that could easily crossover into the mainstream. Have you ever been contacted about a major label deal? Is that even a goal or focus of yours?

Louis Logic: Yeah. That's cool and all. I don't even know what to say about that stuff. Sure, I've had my run –ins. Most of us making indie rap records have. I don't want to devote any more lip service to this than to say, you don't see me on any major label records. That should pretty much answer the question. Is it me or the labels making it that way? I leave that to your imagination. I guess it doesn't matter all that much either way. It isn't happening.

Sample ImageThe only other projects I'm working on are executive producing J.J. Brown's solo effort, studying piano and writing for the Kiss Her Stupid EP.

LoW:  With file sharing programs, torrents, and music blogs it is so easy for an artist's album to be bootlegged a thousand times over. What are your feelings about fans that bootleg albums and pass it around online? How does it affect you as an artist?Pajama Piano

Louis Logic: I don't feel anything about this. I'm numb and there's no point. I have bigger fish to fry than tackling a global industry phenomenon that is over a decade old.

I'm busy trying to catch up to your average 10 year old who's been playing piano since he was 5. All I can say is thank heaven most pop rock pianists are not extraordinarily technical in their composition.

LoW: If you could choose one single object that represents Louis Logic as a person- what would it be?

Louis Logic: Fuck I don't know. Can it be like what object I wish I could be? I would pick one of those magic 8 balls you shake and then it tells you some bullshit answer for whatever question you pose. That or a vibrator.

LoW: And finally, what does Lou want for Christmas?

Louis Logic: I would just say the same answer for this as the last question, but then people would get the impression I want to fuck myself with a vibrator. Hmm… I want a grand piano. Aren't you glad I'm not on your Christmas shopping list? Merry Christmas, y'all.

borrowed from Life On Wax

Show & AG - Full Scale EP

A1 Full Scale (3:50)
Featuring - O.C.
A2 Drop It Heavy (4:10)
Featuring - Big Punisher , KRS-One
A3 Spit (3:27)
B1 Q & A (4:00)
Featuring - Ghetto Dwellas, The
B2 Raw As Ever (2:21)
B3 Full Scale Beats (3:27)
B4 Drop It Heavy Beats (1:53)
B5 Spit Beats (1:50)
B6 Q & A Beats (1:55)


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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Blogs you need to be reading

What it is fam?

I've been going through my links lately and I've noticed a couple blogs have pretty much fell the fuck off so I've been looking for new people that are coming with the heat and consistent updates. First up we have:

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3. independent thought

lordquaz posts vinyl rips from his personal collection which is mostly True School Hip-Hop. He raps in french so brush up on your "bon bon's and wee wee's". Dude drops a lot of rare stuff that I'm not familiar with from the mid-90's era. Updates are a little less frequent, but don't sleep!

4. It's Coming Out Of Your Speaker

XMP drops heavy heavy dub tracks. He's on a King Tubby tip right now which is my shit. Calm down my Selecta!

5. The Hip Hop Collection

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6. San Pasquale Ent.

HEYCEE A posts up old school joints, new school joints, you name it. This place is chalk full of rare shit and stuff you've been looking for for mad long. The Pharoahe Monch Mayor cut on 12"!??!?! Plus acapella?!?!? Ridiculous!

7. UnderSpot

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International Players