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Thursday, June 07, 2007

Only place I'll be seein you is in the rearview

WOW! That makes me feel like I'm wasting my time doing whatever the fuck it is I'm doing.

Need any Prosthetic Eyes? ahhhh you're too late bitch!

Siik is a refixer/pretend DJ outta Cali who's been mixing for awhile now. I caught onto him from a Nujubes/Amerie refix he did which was out of this world. I ended up at his site and now you're hearing his banging mix. If you're thinking about booking him don't even try. He's one of those computer only goofy types. ha just jokes Ken...get some tables already!

lemongrass - lightning fire
kanye west - heard em say (instrumental)
federico aubele - postales
bonobo - ketto
thievery corporation - the supreme illusion
polyrhythm addicts - take me home
gift of gab - evolution
dwele - keep on
one self - over expose
nujabes - reflection eternal
the roots - act too (the love of my life)

Mighty Casey is a very very tight emcee out of Boston. You may have caught him on the Mike Nardone compilation "We Came From Beyond". The guy is definitely worth checking for. The Edan stuff on this tape is aight if you're into his shit. Dooley-O is dope. Casey = Bananas. The rest is some bullshit. Worth it for the Casey stuff though. If you can nab that "We Came From Beyond" post it up on the chatbox.

The Best of Lewis Recordings

1. Mic Manipulator Edan 3:57
2. Emcees Smoke Crack Remix Edan 4:14
3. Rock And Roll (Single Version) featuring Dagha Edan 3:31 *
4. The Gods Of Rome Edan 2:39 *
5. I Don't Want To Lose You Dooley O 4:29
6. Soaps Dooley O 3:37
7. I Wish Dooley O 4:14
8. White Girls Mighty Casey 4:05
9. Original Rudeboy Mighty Casey 3:04
10. Liquorland Mighty Casey 3:26
11. There Must be Some Kind Of Misunderstanding Andrew Thompson 3:18
12. We're In Business Andrew Thompson 3:42
13. Go Bananas Andrew Thompson 3:34
14. Cakes And Pies Cinnamon 2:52
15. Friday Night Cinnamon 2:37 *
16. Spike Initiating Zone Cinnamon 2:24
17. I Believe In A Thing Called Love The Funky Rednell 3:32 *
18. Raw Rehearsal - Bonus Track Edan and Dagha 7:35 *
19. Untitled V 2:41 *

Jersey of the Day
Gary "The Kid" Carter
$80 + shipping
Size - 52

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