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Friday, August 31, 2007

Apollo Kids

Stimulated Vol. 1

A1 HOM (2) It's... Hom (4:02)
Producer - Dart
A2 Young Zee I Love It (4:03)
Producer - Rockwilder
Rap [Featuring] - Rah Digga
A3 De La Soul Speed Limit (4:28)
Producer - Dart
Rap [Featuring] - Supa Dave West
A4 Xzibit & Everlast Shroomz Pt. II (3:13)
Producer - Stimulated Dummies
A5 Camp Lo Something For Nothing (3:32)
Producer - Digga (4)
B1 V.O.R. (2) Beyond City Lights (4:45)
Producer - Dart
B2 B-Real & Everlast Laugh Now (4:25)
Producer - Stimulated Dummies
B3 HOM (2) & Pretty Ugly You Won't Get It (4:13)
Producer - DJ EMZ
B4 Sadat X The Great Dot (3:48)
Producer - Stimulated Dummies
B5 DJ Riz Interlude (2:46)
Producer - Crooklyn Clan
C1 Tha Liks Get Your Drinks On (4:56)
Producer - Stimulated Dummies
Vocals [Featuring] - N'Dea Davenport
C2 Camp Lo All The Same (3:36)
Producer - Stimulated Dummies
Vocals [Featuring] - Jimmy Cozier
C3 Pep Love Crack The Concrete (4:19)
Producer - Stimulated Dummies
Vocals [Featuring] - Jeni Fujita
C4 Del* Del Meets The Dummies (3:25)
Producer - Stimulated Dummies
C5 Dilated Peoples Stimulation (3:37)
Producer - Evidence (2)
D1 Phil Da Agony , Chace Infinite & Krondon Home Team (4:08)
Producer - Stimulated Dummies
D2 High & Mighty, The What's After (3:59)
Producer - DJ Mighty Mi
D3 King Tee Quiet As Kept (4:10)
Producer - Stimulated Dummies
D4 Missin' Linx Family Ties (Remix) (4:18)
Producer - Alchemist
Rap [Featuring] - Prodigy

I copped this CD off a table at Rock the Bells in San Francisco. Looks bootleg as a muthafuck with the printer paper sleeve and grainy resolution. The beats are knockin' on it though. It's basically a mixtape of all their old shit, which is a good thing. I didn't put the track list for this because I'm lazy and it was fucked up anyways. Ya'll can thank whoever left this in the VIP.

Homeliss Derelix


Interview with Accomplice coming next week as well as some vinyl rips from some 50¢ bin diggin'.

Jersey of the Day
Denver Nuggets Blank
$60 + shipping
Sizes - 44, 48, and 52

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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

oops up-side-ya-head

Tha Alkaholiks - Likwit / Only When I'm Drunk

A1 Likwit (Clean)
A2 Likwit (Album Version)
A3 Likwit (Instrumental)
A4 Likwit (Acapella)
B1 Only When I'm Drunk (Clean)
B2 Only When I'm Drunk (Album Version)
B3 Only When I'm Drunk (Instrumental)
B4 Only When I'm Drunk (Acapella)

Pharoahe Monch - The Light / Right Here Remix

A1 The Light (Clean)
A2 The Light (Dirty)
A3 The Light (Instrumental)
A4 Livin' It Up (Dirty)
B1 Right Here Remix (Clean)
Rap [Featuring] - Xzibit
B2 Right Here Remix (Dirty)
Rap [Featuring] - Xzibit
B3 Right Here Remix (Instrumental
B4 Livin' It Up (Instrumental)

Yeah, listen to the lyrics
We are the ones prophesized to return
My main concern is for all of you to learn
How to live, yes through the lyrics I give and send my friend
This age is coming to an end
Not the world, but the age is ending
Ending, listen to the astrological message I'm sending
I'm sending, tell em
Truth is truth, whether or not you like me
We are living now in the age of Pisces
When Pisces is over, at the year two thousand
When the Sun of God, changes his house and
enters the Age of Aquarius
The Sun of God as man is hilarious (okay)
When you think of Jesus, think of the Sun
The flaming Sun, that's where they stole this concept from
Stop believing and read your bible logically
The new testament is really old astrology
Jesus is the son of God no lie
But they might be talking about the Sun up in the sky
The Sun, that hangs on the cross of the zodiac
The zodiac with twelve signs to be exact
Each sign is a house, and you should keep in mind
Each house equals, a period of time
The time, two thousand years and that's a fact
It's called an age or a house in the zodiac
The twelve disciples, are twelve months of reason
The four gospels signify the four seasons
When Jesus fed the multitude with two fishes
It signified the Age of Pisces, not fish or dishes
If you read the bible astrologically it's clearer (no doubt)
The next age will be the age of the water-bearer
It's called the Age of Aquarius (word)
When logic and truth will take care of us
So in this age, of spiritual dignity
You'll see a rise in femininity
and creativity, meshed with masculinity
You got to get with me, this is your true her-story (rrryyy!)
Do you wanna go higher...


Jersey of the Day
Jim Brown
$80 + shipping
Sizes 52 & 54

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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Masta Ace Show

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Thursday, August 09, 2007

Fuck the Ted Dibiase!!!

RUN-DMC - Down With The King (UK REMIXES) VLS

A1 Down With The King (Cool Breeze Mix)
Remix - Charlie Lex
A2 Down With The King (Landcruiser Mix)
Remix - Al-Kaye
B Down With The King (Richard Russell Mix)
Remix - Richard Russell

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1984 son

People Under The Stairs - Stepfather (2006)

A1 Intro
A2 Step In
A3 Pass The 40
A4 Pumpin'
A5 Flex Off
B1 Tuxedo Rap
B2 Days Like These
B3 Jamboree Pt. 1
B4 Jamboree Pt. 2
B5 The Doctor And The Kidd
Voice - George Clinton
C1 Eat Street
C2 Crown Ones
C4 The Brownout
C5 Letter To The Old School
D1 More Than You Know
D2 Reflections
Vocals - Odell
D3 4 Dollar Afro
D4 You
D5 On & On
Piano - Kat Ouano

Jersey of the Day
Edgerrin James
$80 + shipping
Sizes - 52 & 54

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Sunday, August 05, 2007

since nineteen eight to the O I've been takin' control...

Interview with Medium Seen

I caught up with Sean Young (Medium Seen) recently and was able to ask him a few questions on his passion for splitting mic's and slaying silly half-stepping MC's. He just finished school and is ready to focus on music full-time. You can check him on MySpace here

Invincible Bully: What made you decide to start MC'ing?

Medium Seen: My buddy Knox was freestyling all the time and I figured I could do it better. I never had a good enough voice to sing, and I figured this is the only way naive 16 year old girls would smoke my pole.

IB: What is the hip-hop scene like in Calgary?

MS: Pretty bunk. There is no unity, it's mostly cokeheads and cockblockers. If they see you trying to do something there is always a comment about how their friend does it better, and how he/she talks about "realer shit" in his/her raps. Too many people have this idea of what the calgary's hip-hop scene should be or that it should be like down south sounding or bay area sounding or some shit. It will become what it should be on its own, it doesn't need an individual to carry it. The only people who should be rapping about legitimate gang-banging is the asian kids out here. Seeing honkies rap about DUBS is kinda lame. There is some cool dudes trying to put some shit together (HiFi Club, Giant 45, Fameless, Beatroute, etc.). But you gotta break outta the frame of the town you come from if you wanna grow.

IB: Who has been the most influential MC on you and what makes him so special?

MS: There's alot, but if I had to chose just one it would be Ice-T. If you go back and listen to T's classic shit he is saying just as much or more socially conscious shit as any emcee doing it today. People say Kayne West is controversial, but compared to copkiller (for the time) shit doesn't stack up at all. Production by Aladdin and those cats is crazy too, I love the old Bomb Squad shit too, like when they did Cube's album Amerikkka's most wanted, you don't hear drums like that no more, nothing as loud and dirty.

IB: What was your most memorable show to date?

MS: We played a show in Grand Prairie once, it was dope. People don't get shows out there and they were really supportive. We played a show in Edmonton the night before and it was cricket city, and we almost got jumped like 4 times, all they had was OV on tap, I'm not kidding when I say only OV. So I figured when we got further up north it would be even worse. When we played our first song we blew the breakers and all the lights went out, and then like we had to wait like 10 mins to play. We had everyones attention then and just rocked it. We opened for a band but killed it better than they ever could. It was dope. The chicks out there were hot and horny. I member one of the waitresses was wearing those lululemon pants before they became popular (this was like 5 or 6 years ago) and I can still close my eyes and picture it, it was like a moment of zen that comes back to me all the time. So juicy, so round, so boner inducing.

IB: What's the hottest track of the year?

MS: Truth Is by Brother Ali, or Uncle Sam Goddamn.

IB: What's your favourite microphone?

MS: Shure 58 ("I never rock a cordless or stand for non-sense" if I can quote the immortal Black thought).

IB: Do you prefer live instruments or pre-recorded music?

MS: I like samples. Even if I have a song with like instruments (Well I only have one) I record em in and when I play it live I just rock the DAT or whatever we got. I like 2 turntables and a mic for hip hop, but if your going to experiment like El-P or Slug and play with a live band, you gotta be tight like them. I'm not musically inclined enough or that pretentious to get on stage with a 6 peice funk band and act like I am fucking cool enough to pull it off.

IB: What makes Ghostface Killah so ill?

MS: Mostly because he is an Iconoclast, Ghost does whatever the fuck he wants it seems but it always comes out fresh and not like he's trying hard. He's the perfect mixture of wise poet, gucci wearing pimp, street hustler, brawler extraordinary, and father. His vocab is sick. And he's not afraid to just let his fucking voice fly off and crack and go high and raspy. His new shit is produced with that underground edge that complements his sound so well (MF Doom, Madlib, Etc.). And he appears everywhere you don't think he will (Swollen Members new one for example). There's really an infinite amount of reasons, but really Wu4life is the best I can think of.

IB: What is your most prized possession?

MS: I'm going through a Buddhist transformation where I'm trying not to see possessions as mine, more as God's and I'm just holding em' till she wants em' back. But until that becomes complete, I would probably say my G4 PowerBook.

IB: Break down your song writing progress.

MS: I used to write like 150 to 200 verses a year and just pick the best shit, I got like 12 books full of rhymes, but then I realized how lame that is. And how much time I was wasting. Then I read how C-Rayz Walz burnt all his rhyme books to make his new album. I thought that was cool and just what I was thinking about alot at the time. So now I don't even look at my old shit. Now I just carry around a piece of paper so I can write like a couple lines I think of on the spot. I wait until I get a beat and I sit with it and write as much shit as I can. I scratch off more lines than I keep most times. It helps to have a concept before I start writing (whether it be a hook or whatever). Then I re-record the verse like 25-30 times. I don't do punch ins cuz that's cheating I think. So I have to get the breathing right. Takes longer, but it sounds realer if you do it like that, and the shit you wrote will transform more naturally to the beat that way I think.

Lord Finesse - Hip 2 Da Game / Brainstorm

A1 Hip 2 Da Game (Main)
A2 Hip 2 Da Game (Instrumental)
A3 Hip 2 Da Game (Acapella)
B1 Brainstorm / P.S.K. (Main)
Featuring - KRS-One , O.C.
B2 Brainstorm / P.S.K. (Instrumental)
B3 Brainstorm / P.S.K. (Acapella)
Featuring - KRS-One , O.C.
B4 99' Tony Touch Freestyle

Babu - Duck Season Left Overs

A1 Live From Master Control
Rap [Featuring] - Akil , Chace Infinite , Chali 2NA , Evidence (2) , Krondon , Phil Da Agony , Planet Asia , Iriscience*
A2 Live From Master Control (Instrumental)
B1 Hunter Style (Vocal)
Rap [Featuring] - Sparky Arbuckle
B2 Hunter Style (Instrumental)
B3 Live From Master Control (Acapella)
Rap [Featuring] - Akil , Chace Infinite , Chali 2NA , Evidence (2) , Krondon , Phil Da Agony , Planet Asia , Iriscience*

Jersey of the Day
Ray Lewis
$80 + shipping
Size 56

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Friday, August 03, 2007

Chocolate Rain is my ringtone

Little Indian - One Little Indian

A1 One Little Indian (Album Version) (4:43)
A2 One Little Indian (Buckwild's Remix) (4:02)
Remix - Buckwild
A3 One Little Indian (Jay Dee's *hit Remix) (3:57)
Remix - Jay Dee
B1 One Little Indian (Album Instrumental) (4:43)
B2 One Little Indian (Buckwild's Remix Instrumental) (4:00)
Remix - Buckwild
B3 One Little Indian (Jay Dee's *hit Remix Instrumental) (3:56)
Remix - Jay Dee
B4 One Little Indian (Acapella) (4:14)

Troubleneck Brothers - Back To The Hip-Hop / Pure

A1 Back To The Hip-Hop (Radio Edit) (4:08)
A2 Back To The Hip-Hop (Street Edit) (4:20)
A3 Back To The Hip-Hop (Instrumental) (4:20)
A4 Back To The Hip-Hop (Acappella) (4:20)
B1 Pure (Vocal) (3:21)
B2 Pure (Instrumental) (3:21)
B3 Pure (Acappella) (3:21)
B4 Back To The Hip-Hop (Old School Mix) (4:20)

Jersey of the Day
Terry Bradshaw
$80 + shipping
Sizes 52 & 54

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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

What the fuck do you know about hip-hop hamster penis?

OC from D.I.T.C. is doing a remix contest for one of his tracks on his new Underdog EP dropping October 30th. The track is called Free Your Mind and you can nab the acapella here. The deadline is September 1st!!!

The Def Beat Remix Series

Kid Koala - Def Beat Remixes Vol. 3 (2005)

A1 Kid Koala Bjork Scratch
A2 Loveage Everyone Has A Summer
Featuring - Kid Koala
A3 Handsome Boy Modeling School The Runaway Song
Featuring - Kid Koala
B1 Kid Koala Bullfrog Theme
Remix - Kid Koala
B2 Bullfrog Reverse Pyschology
C1 Kid Koala I Like My Beats
C2 Radiohead Kid A (14 Minute Version)
Remix - Kid Koala
D1 Kid Koala & Money Mark Carpel Tunnel Syndrome
D2 Coldcut Obsessive Behaviour
Remix - Kid Koala
D3 Kid Koala Algorithm (Bonus Track)

DJ Krush - Def Beat Remixes Vol. 4 (2005)

A1 Jazzanova & DJ Krush Coffee Talk & Wild Drums (3:01)
A2 DJ Shadow & DJ Krush Beats (4:24)
A3 DJ Krush & Kodo Ibuki Reconstruction (3:31)
B1 Miles Davis & DJ Krush Black Satin (6:19)
B2 DJ Shadow & DJ Krush A Whim (4:43)
C1 Method Man & D'Angelo Break Ups 2 Make Ups (4:12)
Remix - DJ Krush
C2 Boom Boom Satellites On The Painted Desert (4:44)
Remix - DJ Krush
C3 DJ Krush & Esthero Final Home (Vocal Mix) (4:44)
D1 Hamid Baroudi Arabica (4:21)
Remix - DJ Krush

Cut Chemist - Def Beat Remixes Vol. 7 (2006)

A1 Cut Chemist Meets Shortkut Cak CA Ba Ba (1:35)
A2 Dj Shadow The Number Song (Cut Chemist Remix) (5:09)
Remix - Cut Chemist
A3 Cut Chemist Drums Of Fire (2:21)
B1 Cut Chemist Motherlude (2:52)
Featuring - Biz Markie
B2 Cut Chemist Do That There (3:35)
Featuring - Lyrics Born
B3 Beastie Boys Sure Shot (Cut Chemist Remix) (3:11)
Remix - Cut Chemist
B4 Cut Chemist Biggety Balls (1:55)
C1 Cut Chemist Back From The Dead (2:50)
C2 Ugly Duckling Eye On The Gold Chain (Cut Chemist Remix) (3:27)
Remix - Cut Chemist
C3 Cut Chemist Meets Shortkut Are You Ready ? (2:08)
C4 Cut Chemist Abstract Hip Hop (Cut Chemist Remix) (5:13)
Remix - Cut Chemist
D1 Cut Chemist Major Force (The Re-Return Of The Original Artform) (2:11)
Remix - Cut Chemist
D2 Blackalicious Alphabet Aerobics (The Cut Chemist 2.5 Minute Workout (2:13)
Remix - Cut Chemist
D3 Cut Chemist Flight Of The Bumblebee (2:06)

DJ Shadow : Def Beat Remixes Vol. 8 (2006)

A1 DJ Shadow Entropy (Part C – Count And Estimate)
Rap [Featuring] - Gift Of Gab, The
A2 DJ Shadow Six Days (Remix)
Rap [Featuring] - Mos Def
Remix - DJ Shadow
A3 DJ Shadow '89.9 Megamix'
Additional Beats - DJ Shadow
Scratches - DJ Krush , DJ Shadow
B1 UNKLE Guns Blazing (Drums Of Death Part.1) [Instrumental]
B2 DJ Shadow Midnight In A Perfect World
B3 DJ Shadow & Dan The Automator The Good The Bad And The Chutney
B4 Handsome Boy Modeling School Holy Calamity (Bear Witness 2)
C1 DJ Krush Meiso (Klub Mix)
Rap [Featuring] - Black Thought , Malik B.
Remix - DJ Shadow
C2 Groove Robbers Hardcore (Instrumental) Hip Hop
Featuring - DJ Shadow
C3 DJ Shadow Organ Donor (Extended Overhaul)
Remix - DJ Shadow
C4 Dr. Octagon Waiting List
D1 Radiohead The Gloaming (DJ Shadow Remix)
Remix - DJ Shadow
D2 DJ Shadow Painkiller (Kill The Pain Mix)
Remix - Depeche Mode
D3 DJ Shadow Number Song (LP Version)

Black Grass - A Hundred Days In One

01. Lucha Contra De La Injusticia!
02. Oh Jah feat. Jah Marnyah
03. Lines Of Defence feat. Jehst
04. Nemesis
05. Don't Leave Me This Way feat. Dominique Noiret
06. The Floating Wizard
07. Down & Dirty feat. Micall Parknsun
08. So Many Ways feat. Okou
09. Rest Assured feat. Blu Rum 13
10. Don't Try feat. Maylay Sparks
11. Sweet To Taste feat. Rider Shafique
12. Nobody Knows It's Sunday


Jersey of the Day
Jackie Robinson
$80 + shipping

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