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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Ain't No Time To Play

Pharoahe Monch / Sir Menelik - Mayor / 7XL

A1 Pharoahe Monch Mayor (Radio Clean)
Producer - Lee Stone
A2 Pharoahe Monch Mayor (Street)
Producer - Lee Stone
A3 Pharoahe Monch Mayor (Instrumental)
Producer - Lee Stone
A4 Pharoahe Monch Mayor (A Capella)
Producer - Lee Stone
B1 Sir Menelik 7XL (Radio Clean)
Featuring - Grand Puba , Sadat X
Producer - DJ Spinna
B2 Sir Menelik 7XL (Street)
Featuring - Grand Puba , Sadat X
Producer - DJ Spinna
B3 Sir Menelik 7XL (Instrumental)
Producer - DJ Spinna
B4 Sir Menelik 7XL (A Capella)
Featuring - Grand Puba , Sadat X
Producer - DJ Spinna


Jersey of the Day

Julius "Dr. J" Erving
All-Star East Jersey
Size 56

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Monday, May 26, 2008

The Divine Styler

Divine Styler - Spiral Walls Containing Autumns Of Light

1 Am I An Epigram For Life? (1:44)
2 Touch (5:24)
3 In A World Of U (5:09)
Guitar - Jeff Phillips (2)
4 Love, Lies And Lifetime's Cries (4:10)
5 Livery (5:03)
6 Grey Matter (5:46)
7 Heaven Don't Want Me and Hell's Afraid I'll Take Over (9:25)
8 Mystic Sheep Drink Electric Tea (5:15)
9 Width In My Depth (4:25)
Guitar, Written-by [Music] - Jeff Phillips (2)
10 The Next (6:15)
Guitar - Jeff Phillips (2)
11 Euphoric Rangers (5:10)
12 Walk Of Exodus (7:50)
Guitar - Jeff Phillips (2)
13 Aura (3:17)


Jersey of the Day

Hal Greer
Philadelphia 76ers Home Jersey
Size 54

Saturday, May 24, 2008

The Count

The Beat Generation

A1 DJ Jazzy Jeff - Are You Ready
Featuring - Slum Village
Producer - Jay Dee
Scratches - Jeff Townes
A2 Pete Rock Back On The Block
Featuring - C.L. Smooth
Producer - Pete Rock
A3 J Dilla - It's Like That
Producer - J Dilla
Vocals - Hodge Podge , Lacks
A4 DJ Spinna - Surely
Producer - DJ Spinna
Vocals - Ovasoul7
B1 Marley Marl - Three's Company
Featuring - Big Daddy Kane
Producer - Marley Marl
B2 Will I Am - If U Didn't Know
Featuring - Mike Myers*
Producer - Will I Am
B3 King Britt - Transcend
Featuring - Bahamadia
Producer - King Britt
B4 DJ Jazzy Jeff - We Live In Philly
Producer - Jeff Townes
Vocals - Jill Scott
C1 Larry Gold - Travellin
Featuring - Kameelah Waheed
Producer - Kameelah Waheed
C2 DJ Spinna - Love Is Sold
Producer - DJ Spinna
Vocals - Abdul Shyllon
C3 Will I Am - Lay Me Down
Featuring - Terry Dexter
Producer - Will I Am
C4 J Dilla - Think Twice
Producer - J Dilla
Vocals - Dwele
D1 King Britt - Superstar
Producer - King Britt
Vocals - Ivana Santilli
D2 Pete Rock - Smooth Sailing
Producer - Pete Rock
D3 Marley Marl - Hummin
Featuring - Roy Ayers
Producer - Marley Marl
D4 Larry Gold - Outro
Producer - Larry Gold
D5 Allen Ginsberg - Bengali Paraphrase


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Carmelo Anthony
Denver Nuggets Away Jersey
Size 56

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Friday, May 23, 2008


Jersey of the Day

Dwayne Wade
Miami Heat Home Jersey
Size 52

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Thursday, May 22, 2008

You've been dippin' around with some fancy clown...

The much much anticipated release of the collabo with Brazilian drummer Mamao. The album was apparently has been in the works for quite some time because of Lib's love of Brazilian Samba, more specifically Mamao's group Azymuth. I've been looking for this for a hot minute and can't wait to throw this on the iPod. This is definitely not going to be a typical hip-hop release from The Beat Conductor, so my strictly hip-hop heads look elsewhere. Maybe here?

Jackson Conti (Madlib & Mamao) - Sujinho 2008

A1 Mamaoism (0:32)
A2 Berumba (3:47)
A3 Anna De Amsterdam Interlude (0:18)
A4 Praca Da Republica (4:02)
A5 Papaya (10:03)
B1 Brasilian Sugar (6:27)
B2 Sao Paulo Nights (4:21)
B3 Xibaba (4:51)
B4 Upa Neguinho (4:14)
C1 Casa Forte (3:51)
C2 Amazon Stroll (4:30)
C3 Berimbau (5:15)
C4 Anna De Amsterdam Reprise (0:27)
C5 Waiting On The Corner (5:01)
D1 Tijuca Man (2:38)
D2 Nao Tem Nada Nao (3:36)
D3 Sunset At Sujinho (1:55)
D4 Segura Esta Onda (7:01)

link courtesy of Hip-Hop Bootleggers

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Chris Webber
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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Journey on the Gurney to the Meat Wagon

Scienz Of Life - Power Of The Nine Ether bw The Anthem VLS [1996]

A1 Powers Of Nine Ether (Clean)
A2 Powers Of Nine Ether (Instrumental)
B1 The Anthem (Clean)
B2 The Anthem (Instrumental)

courtesty of Hip Hop Four Life

Jersey of the Day

Junior Seau
USC Trojans Jersey
Size 52

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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Bass Crazy Kickin'

People Under The Stairs will be releasing their 6th Official LP sometime mid September 2008.

You can almost count the days.

We have signed to a new upstart label, Gold Dust Media Intl., who have been very supportive of our creative outing, it's a no questions asked full artistic control situation and we are loving it. Mike and I are in the studio monday through thursday (when we're not out on the road) pumpin' out what we feel like is some of the best yet - With everyone around going off in different creative directions we decided to return to the hardcore fun body rockin' showstoppin' boom bap that we need. There is a def. void and we are making the joints to fill it. And we feel it. We know you will too.

So with all that in mind, and the whole vibe of the new project, I proudly announce
People Under The Stairs' 6th official album: FUN DMC

After 2 years of world touring, digging, partying, getting custom discrete gear built, and planning - the time is close at hand.

Get ready.

from PUTS Online

For all of you out there who've ever thought about opening your own T-shirt company here's a good look into what you're getting into. Seems so simple and um *inexpensive* in your head. Peep

I guess this is the new shit...?


I am blowing out a lot of my jerseys on eBay this week. 1 ¢ listings the pic

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Friday, May 16, 2008

I Know I Love You Better

Common Market - Black Patch War EP (2008)

01. Black Patch War
02. Oldham Era
03. Watership Down
04. Red Leaves
05. His Eminence
06. Trouble Is
07. Bonanza


Calgary show just announced June 27th at the Hi-Fi Club in Calgary!!!

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Hines Ward
Pittsburgh Steelers Home Jersey
Size Large

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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Heros get turned to murals

jacked from DJ Day's Blog

Speaking of Blue. Not sure if anyone has copped the EP yet.

Blue Scholars - Butter & Gun$ - EP (2008)


01 Loyalty
02 Butter & Gun$ (Loyalty II)
03 27
04 Loyalty (Instrumental)
05 Butter & Gun$ (Loyalty II)(Instrumental)
06 27 (Instrumental)

Courtesy of Beatseek

If you've been sleeping. Here's your motherfucking ALARM CLOCK. KeysNKrates bitch!

To the dude requesting Count Bass D

Count Bass D - 2006 (Some Music Part 2) [2004]

1 I Love Japan / Jazzy Sport Dedication Intro Number 4 (0:56)
2 Organ Playa (2:09)
3 Count Bass D Exclusive Two (2:01)
4 Remix Ten (Instrumental) (1:39)
5 WORD! (3:05)
6 Out Souf (0:54)
7 Count Bass D Exclusive Three (1:20)
8 Remix Eleven (Instrumental) (2:56)
9 Precious Percussion (2:30)
10 Potholderz (Scratch Version Instrumental) (3:22)
11 Hesitant (1:30)
12 I Missed My Flight (1:57)
13 The P is Extra Free (2:09)
14 Snow First (0:35)
15 Snow Second (2:31)
16 Snow Third (0:58)
17 It Just Wasn't Finalized (2:24)
18 My Dear Watson (1:45)
19 WE-LOVE-hard-we-fight-hard (2:18)
20 Gorgeous Vomit (0:46)
21 Just A Bit (Instrumental) (1:05)
22 I Hate Elevators (1:45)
23 Did You Have Those Last Time? (1:24)
24 Theme From Open Transport (1:08)
25 Love Endless (Smokin' Out Front) (1:23)
26 Youth In Asia (1:37)
27 You Made His Night! (4:00)
28 Cabride (1:49)
29 For Real? (2:14)
30 Money Green Drawls (3:24)
31 Should There Be Some Reign (3:22)
32 Born Dead (5:49)
33 Remix Twelve (Instrumental) (3:28)
34 Surface Interlude (1:08)
Vocals - Dionne Farris
35 Speakin' That $#!+ (Instrumental) (0:55)
36 *ending* Leave Mike Tyson Alone! (& Me Too) (0:49)
grab it

Jersey of the Day
Randall Cunningham
Philadelphia Eagles Away Jersey
Size 54

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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The NBA Edition

KG is pretty much the MAN. I have no fear of losing to the Cav's this round. Once it gets back to Beantown it's pretty much going to be, "Whatcha gonna doooOOOoooO? WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!"

T.R.O.Y. ::: Latrell Sprewell

Latrell Sprewell was one of the truly unique players of this generation. Is there a current-day NBA player you can think of who reminds you of Spree?

…when two of his full-bred pit bulls attacked his daughter, spree said: oh well. i ain't getting rid of my dogs.


Who else do you know wore a wife beater to school the day of grad pics in High School?


DJ Food Stamp - Winter 08 Sampler

01. J.Dilla, MF Doom & Guilty Simpson - Mash's Revenge 02:41
02. Ski Beatz Feat. Camp Lo - Ticket For 2 02:13
03. J-Live - Feel Like Spittin 03:04
04. Wu-Tang Clan - Take It Back 03:02
05. Y Society - Never Off (On & On) 02:21
06. Talib Kweli - Hot Thing 02:23
07. Yak Ballz - YBTV 02:35
08. NYGZ - Ya Dayz R Numbered 02:34
09. Guilty Simpson - Getting Bitches 02:12
10. EMC - E.M.C. (What It Stands For?) 02:13
11. Braile - The IV 02:26
12. Doujah Raze - Where You At 02:32
13. Pete Rock Feat. Jim Jones & Max B - We Roll 03:58
14. MF Grimm - Earth 01:36
15. Marco Polo Feat. Large Professor - The Radar Remix 02:17
16. Cormega Feat. Dwele - Sleep Well 03:18
17. Ghostface Killah - We Celebrate 02:51
18. Murs - Better Than The Rest 02:12
19. 9th Wonder Feat. Royce Da 5'9, Naledge & Vandalyzm - The Last 03:08
20. Erykah Badu - Honey (Prod. By 9th Wonder) 02:55

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Denver Nuggets Blank
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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Cat on the Grill

J-Live - Them That's Not VLS [1999]

A1 Them That's Not (Radio) (5:48)
A2 Them That's Not (Instrumental) (5:48)
B1 Them That's Not (Main) (5:48)
B2 Them That's Not (Acapella) (4:18)


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World B. Free
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Monday, May 12, 2008

Iron Eggs

Eddie ILL & DL - A Long Rhyme Coming

1.Rubix, Hazadus, Rise and Eddie Brock (Double Edge) - Dj Eddie Ill / J-rawls
2.Wordworth, Punchline, Mfw, Heroine (Juggaknots) and Invincible - Dj Eddie Ill / Panic
3.Ace Lover (2for5) , Stelph Index, Blowout and Phase One - Dj Eddie Ill / J-rawls
4.Tone Deff, Pack Fm, Substantial, Rok - One and Ocean - Dj Eddie Ill / Fat Jon Of The 5deez
5.Vakill, Cwel, Prime and Mass Hysteria - Dj Eddie Ill / Panik
6.Swave Sevah (Cvees) , Kwest and Percee P. - Dj Eddie Ill / Emile
7.Oktober (2for5) , Ike P (Cvees) and Diabolic - Dj Eddie Ill / Fakts One
8.C-Rayzs Walz, Gauge, Breez Evahflowin & Loer Velocity (Writer's Guild) - Dj Eddie Ill / Emile
9.J - Live, Choclair, Etcetera and Mr. Complex - Dj Eddie Ill / J-live
10.Hafeese, Labba, Big Twan, Matt Fingaz and FT (Fuc That) - Dj Eddie Ill / Ayatollah
11.Brooklyn Academy - Dj Eddie Ill / Will Tell
12.I.G. off & Supernatural - Joe Dj Eddie Ill / Buddha
13.The Demigodz - Dj Eddie Ill / Dj Cheapshot
14.A.L. Skills, Avatar, Overbite, Mazzi, Ap and J - Treds - Chris Dj Eddie Ill / Jarvis
15.Eastern Conference - Dj Eddie Ill / Mighty Mi
16.Ken Bugaloo (Wee Bee Foolish) , Subconscious, Kahiem, Yeshua Dapoed, L.I.F.E. Long and Many Styles - Dj Eddie Ill / Fat Jon
17.Jane Doe and Ray Rip Ya'll - Grap Dj Eddie Ill / Luva
18.Eddie Ill Outro - Dj Eddie Ill / Dj Static

Jersey of the Day
Dominique Wilkins
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Thursday, May 08, 2008

Gip Gip!!!

Mission: - One (Japanese Edition)[2001]

1 Intro (0:42)
2 Contagious (3:37)
Backing Vocals - SINC 0019
3 Homework Pt. 1 (1:22)
Rap [Featuring] - Etch 1 , JBL
4 Rockin' It (2:26)
Backing Vocals - Jah-Sun
5 59' Pontiac (0:40)
Bass - Shmeens
Drums - Adam Deitch
Guitar - E.D. (2)
Piano [Rhodes] - Kat Ouano
Saxophone - Ryan Woodward
Synthesizer [Moog] - Headnodic
6 Disturbing Behavior (3:23)
7 Homework Pt. 2 (0:36)
8 Now I Shine (3:44)
Vocals - Ruby Amanfu
9 Mission:2 (2:55)
Scratches - Evan Decker
10 Hands Up (4:40)
Rap [Featuring] - Igro , Jah-Sun
11 Chocolate Milk & Apricots (1:55)
Producer - Woodstock
12 Transit (2:06)
Co-producer - Evan Decker
13 More Than You Know (2:08)
Co-producer - Moe Pope
14 Last Night (4:31)
Double Bass [Upright] - Headnodic
Drums - Max McVeety
Piano [Rhodes] - Kat Ouano
15 Homework Pt. 3 (0:44)
16 BS II MF RMX (4:13)
Bass - George Thomas (3)
Co-producer - Actual Proof
Drums - Deantoni Parks
Engineer [Co-engineer] - Brian Cook
Guitar - Dave Holmes (4)
Piano [Rhodes] - Ryan Kinelski
Remix - Actual Proof
Sampler - Woodstock
Saxophone - Ryan Woodward
17 Don't Stop (0:20)
18 It's The... (3:43)
Co-producer - Kat Ouano
Drums - Anthony Burilcich
Piano [Rhodes] - Kat Ouano
Programmed By - Headnodic
Scratches - Evan Decker
Written-By - Kat Ouano
19 Live Instrumental (4:09)
20 Contagious (Sconsin Remix) (3:02)


Jersey of the Day
Jermaine O'Neal
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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Mr. Green Interview

I very recently contacted did a short Q&A with Mr. Green the hip-hop producer out of New Jerz. He has a highly anticipated album coming just around the corner with Pacewon of Outsidaz fame. The album is called The Only Color That Matters Is Green and if the tracks we've heard already are any indication, it will be a banger. Throw up your O's.

Invincible Bully: First off, introduce yourself to the readers out there.

Mister Green: My name is Mr. Green, I live in New Brunswick, New Jersey and i make hip hop music for a living. I'm most known for my work with Pace Won and our album "The Only Color that Matters is Green" that is dropping on May 23'rd. Aside from that, I work with a lot of up and coming artists from both the US and oversees. I love hearing new people that are dope and determined to get their foot in the door by making good music. Haha, and I'm not into that
Macdonalds land rap (shout out to Erick Sermon).

IB: You recently had a March Madness contest where you asked people to email you samples to flip and you'd make a beat out of and sell it to them for the low low price of $100. How was the response to this and did you craft anything worthwhile out of it?

MG: It got a good response. I've gone on to work more with a couple of the people that bought March Madness beats so I'm glad I did it. It was difficult at times though, haha, I think some of the people sent me tough samples to work with to fuck with me (mess with me, if language is an issue). There was one sample that I thought I wasn't going to be able to flip when i first heard it. Eventually I made it happen and it turned out being one of the best beats I did that month. I actually figured out a new production trick that I've gone on to use many times since then. The whole thing was a good experience because it kept me on my toes, and the beats I made for the artists came out really dope. I might do it again at some point in the future if I see a slow month coming up.

IB: The beats on your Myspace page are very thorough and cut to the chase. When you sit down to hammer out a beat do you have a couple sounds in mind and a rough idea of where you're wanting to go? Take me through your mental process while you're crafting something.

MG: When I go to start working on a beat these days I usually take a sample, or original melody and chop it into really small pieces. I then try to make my own melody that sounds different than the original. I still make loop beats occasionally but right now I'm really into the chop beats. For an example of one of my older loop beats, check out the Pace Won and Mr Green song "The Eye of a Needle". For one of my chop beats, check out our song "Children Sing".

IB: What equipment are you using at the moment?

MG: I use fruity loops to make my beats and pro tools for vocals. I also have an AKG 414 mic that i use to record.

IB: You've collabed with Rob Kelly on the banger 'Dropkicked' which got a large response. Are there any other International cats that jump out at you that you'd like to work with?

MG: Definitely, I like Kardinal Official out of Canada, hoping to work with him. I am also surprisingly intrigued by UK rappers with thick accents. I like this dude named 'Professor Green'. Also 'Dizzee Rascal' and 'The Streets' are good. I was contacted recently to do some beats for KRS ONE's Stop the Violence Movement project and he selected one of my tracks for the UK album. I'm very excited because I think that will open up some chances for me to work with some dope UK artists in the future.

IB: Can we expect The Only Color That Matters Is Green on vinyl?

MG: If everything goes according to plan we will press up some vinyl. Whatever happens we will make sure that the album is available in as many different places in as many different formats as we can.

IB: word man. Thank you for taking the time to let people know whats happening with you. Looking forward to the album dropping.

Stay tuned for a beat sampler from Mr. Green over at strictlybeats

Mr. Green Presents: Green Future
:::buy on itunes
Mr. Green Presents: Green Future


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Terry Bradshaw
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Monday, May 05, 2008

Can I Get a Level on the Bass and the Treble?

Ran across this dude who makes beats heavily inspired by Nintendo and other 16/32 bit stuffs. This is probably awesome but I'm waiting for a real dope MC to rip over these to be convinced.

I remember first hearing this beat off some shitty mixtape and I was blown away (This was long before the Montell Jordan bullish). Prodigy raps in pronouns ala Common in I Used To Love H.E.R. talking about his love of heaters. This was definitely a staple in my early 20's and made it on a lot of non-shitty mixtapes. Peep Slick Rick on the chorus. Really glad I tracked this down. Looking for a good quality rip on mp3. Anyone?

Soul in the Hole Soundtrack

A1 dead prez The Game Of Life (Score) (5:08)
Producer - Da Heads
Vocals - Storm (9)
A2 Wu-Tang Clan Diesel (5:05)
Producer - RZA
A3 Sauce Money Against The Grain (3:49)
Producer - DJ Premier
B1 M.O.P. Ride (3:34)
Producer - M.O.P.
B2 Big Punisher You Ain't A Killer (4:15)
Producer - Young Lord
B3 Xzibit Los Angeles Time (4:42)
Producer - Mel-Man
B4 Dwellas, The Main Aim (3:30)
Producer - Nick Wiz
C1 Mobb Deep Rare Species (Modus Operandi) (4:10)
Producer - Mobb Deep
C2 Common High Expectations (4:14)
Producer - No I.D.
Scratches - Ynot
C3 Brand Nubian A Child Is Born (4:22)
Producer - Vance Wright
C4 Cocoa Brovaz Won On Won (3:55)
Producer - Sean Cane
D1 Wu All-Stars Soul In The Hole (4:41)
Featuring - Dreddy Kruger , Ghostface Killah , Killa Sin , Shyheim , Timbo King
Producer - Black Moes-Art
Vocals - Tekitha
D2 Darc Mind Visions Of Blur (4:56)
Producer - GM Web D
Vocals - Kev-Roc
D3 Organized Konfusion Late Night Action (3:43)
Featuring - Boku Rule , Cairo
Producer - Organized Konfusion
D4 O.C. Your Life (5:24)
Featuring - U Nast
Producer - DJ Ogee

DVD rip of this movie coming soon...

Jersey of the Day

San Diego Clippers
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Fetish For Lettuce

Buckshot LeFonque - Another Day VLS[1997]

A1 Another Day (Another Day In The Hood Mix)
A2 Another Day (Album Mix)
B1 Music Evolution (DJ Premier Mix)
B2 Black Monday

Buckshot Lefonque - Breakfast @ Denny's - Maxi Single
Buckshot LeFonque - No Pain, No Gain - Maxi Single

Peep Pace and Mr. Green's Myspace. The new joint Children Sing is sickening!

Jersey of the Day

"Mean" Joe Greene
Pittsburgh Steelers Home
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Thursday, May 01, 2008

I heard once a man starts killing he keeps killing and killing...

First off I wanted to re-visit the back from the dead thing because I forgot to mention the site that kind of inspired the whole post. IHABU.COM is a little site created by everyones friend treebeats. He was a part of the old lawnjawns blog which showcased several producers who would take a sample and they would all flip it into their own beat and then people would vote on it. He's resurrected that theme into IHABU which stands for I Hook A Beat Up. The site has been running for awhile now but was savagely attacked by hackers. Things are running smoothly now and the contests are already underway again. Peep game.

I've been checking out the Werner von Wallenrod's Humble, Little Hip-Hop Blog a lot lately for more obscure hip-hop related things. It's straight up and down really good reads on things you probably don't know about hip-hop. Definitely check it out.

Total Funk Drum Loops