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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Sleepless nights got me forgettin' what day it is...

Hall Of Justus - Life Of The Party / Jus Chillin VLS [2007]

A1 Life Of The Party (Clean) (4:01)
A2 Life Of The Party (Main) (4:01)
A3 Life Of The Party (Instrumental) (2:03)
A4 Life Of The Party (Acapella) (4:00)
B1 Jus Chillin (Clean) (3:23)
B2 Jus Chillin (Main) (3:23)
B3 Jus Chillin (Instrumental) (2:02)
B4 Jus Chillin (Accapella) (3:23)


KRS-One & Marley Marl - Hip Hop Lives VLS [2007]

A1 Hip Hop Lives (Clean)
A2 Hip Hop Lives (Instrumental)
B1 Kill A Rapper (Clean)
B2 Kill A Rapper (Dirty)
B3 Kill A Rapper (Instrumental)


Kazi - Down For The Kaz VLS [2000]

A1 Down For The Kaz (Vocals)
A2 A.V.E.R.A.G.E (Vocals)
A3 Wake Up (Vocals)
B1 Down For The Kaz (Instrumental)
B2 A.V.E.R.A.G.E (Instrumental)
B3 Wake Up (Instrumental)


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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

365 Straight Out The Bottle

These evil streets is rough

Wordsworth - Gotta Pay / Trust VLS [2004]

A1 Gotta Pay (Album Version)
A2 Gotta Pay (Instrumental)
A3 Gotta Pay (Acapella)
B1 Trust (Album Version)
B2 Trust (Instrumental)
B3 Trust (Acapella)


Capone-N-Noreaga - Closer (Sam Sneed Version) VLS [1997]

A1 Closer (Sam Sneed Version) (Radio Version)
A2 Closer (Sam Sneed Version) (Album Version)
A3 Closer (Sam Sneed Version) (Instrumental)
B1 T.O.N.Y. (DJ Clue Remix) (Radio Edit)
Remix - DJ Clue
B2 T.O.N.Y. (DJ Clue Remix) (Original Version)
Remix - DJ Clue
B3 Closer (Sam Sneed Version) (Acapella)


Onyx - Last Dayz / All We Got Iz Us (Evil Streets) VLS [1995]

A1 Last Dayz (LP Version) (3:32)
A2 Last Dayz (Radio Version) (3:32)
A3 Last Dayz (Instrumental) (3:32)
A4 Last Dayz (A Cappella) (3:20)
B1 All We Got Iz Us (Evil Streets) (LP Version) (4:04)
B2 All We Got Iz Us (Evil Streets) (Radio Version) (3:53)
B3 All We Got Iz Us (Evil Streets) (Instrumental) (4:05)
B4 All We Got Iz Us (Evil Streets) (A Cappella) (3:58)


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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

People Make The World Go Round

Clinton Sparks - Roc Café / OK Dun VLS [2005]

A1 Roc Café (Clean)
A2 Roc Café (Street)
A3 Roc Café (Instrumental)
B1 OK Dun (Clean)
B2 OK Dun (Street)
B3 OK Dun (Instrumental)


DJ Day - What Planet What Station / It Still Ain't Hard To Tell VLS [2005]

A1 What Planet What Station (Vocal)
A2 What Planet What Station (Instrumental)
B1 It Still Ain't Hard To Tell (Vocal)
ft. Nas
B2 It Still Ain't Hard To Tell (Instrumental)


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Monday, July 28, 2008

Soul Amazing

DJ Honda - Discotec / Trouble In The Water VLS [1998]

A1 Discotec (Main)
Rap [Featuring] - Camp Lo
A2 Discotec (Instrumental)
A3 Discotec (Accapella)
Rap [Featuring] - Camp Lo
B1 Trouble In The Water (Main)
Rap [Featuring] - De La Soul
B2 Trouble In The Water (Instrumental)
B3 Trouble In The Water (Accapella)
Rap [Featuring] - De La Soul


Erykah Badu - Love Of My Life (An Ode To Hip Hop) VLS [2002]

1 Love Of My Life (An Ode To Hip Hop) (Radio Edit) (3:50)
Featuring - Common
2 Love Of My Life (An Ode To Hip Hop) (Radio Edit Without Rap) (3:50)
3 Love Of My Life (An Ode To Hip Hop) (Album Version Edit) (3:50)
Featuring - Common
4 Love Of My Life (An Ode To Hip Hop) (Instrumental) (4:28)


Exile - Time Has Come VLS [2005]

A1 Time Has Come (Radio)
Rap - Slum Village
A2 Soul Provider (Radio)
Rap - Blu
B1 Time Has Come (Instrumental)
B2 Soul Provider (Instrumental)


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Friday, July 25, 2008

Mo Betta Butta

Visionaries - If You Can't Say Love VLS [2004]

A1 If You Can't Say Love (Album Version)
Producer - J Rocc
A2 If You Can't Say Love (Instrumental)
Producer - J Rocc
A3 If You Can't Say Love (Acapella)
Producer - J Rocc
B1 Domakesaythink (Album Version)
Producer - Key-Kool
B2 Domakesaythink (Instrumental)
Producer - Key-Kool
B3 Domakesaythink (Acapella)
Producer - Key-Kool


Thes One & Raashan Ahmad - Doin' It VLS [2005]

A1 Doin' It (Vocal)
A2 Doin' It (Instrumental)
A3 Good Co. (Vocal)
B1 Alright (Vocal)
B2 Alright (Instrumental)
B3 Good Co. (Instrumental)


Cesar Comanche - The Grind VLS [2006]

A1 The Grind (Vocal) (3:48)
Producer - Khrysis
Rap [Featuring] - Supastition
A2 The Grind (Instrumental) (3:48)
Producer - Khrysis
A3 The Grind (Accapella) (3:09)
Rap [Featuring] - Supastition
B1 The Grind (NYTETYME MIX) (Vocal) (3:51)
Producer - 9th Wonder
B2 The Grind (NYTETYME MIX) (Instrumental) (3:52)
Producer - 9th Wonder
B3 The Grind (NYTETYME MIX) (Accapella) (2:54)


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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Jaylib Singles

Jaylib - Champion Sound / Strip Club[2005]

A1 Champion Sound ( Street)
A2 Champion Sound (Radio)
A3 Champion Sound (Instrumental)
B1 Strip Club (Street)
Rap [Featuring] - Quasimoto
B2 Strip Club (Radio)
Rap [Featuring] - Quasimoto
B3 Strip Club (Instrumental)


Jaylib - Raw Addict / Ice [2005]

A1 Raw Addict (Vocal)
A2 Raw Addict (Instrumental)
B1 Ice (Vocal)
B2 Ice (Vocal)
Rap [Featuring] - Medaphoar
B3 Ice (Instrumental)
B4 Bonus Beat


Jaylib - McNasty Filth / Pillz [2005]

A1 McNasty Filth (Filthy) (2:56)
Featuring - Frank-N-Dank
A2 McNasty Filth (Instrumental) (2:56)
B1 Pillz (Dirty) (3:07)
B2 Pillz (Instrumental) (3:02)


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Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Beijingers told to mind their manners

By Michael Bristow

BBC News, Beijing

Chinese young men walk past a poster promoting the Beijing Olympics

Olympics propaganda promotes smiles and displays of unity

Beijing citizens have been told not to pick their noses, yawn or
scratch their heads when talking to foreigners during the Olympics.

They have also been given a list of things not to ask overseas visitors
- a list so exhaustive it could make conversation difficult.

Ordinary people have also been given detailed instructions on how to talk to disabled people during the Paralympics.

Chinese officials want ordinary people to show the country's most civilised face during the sporting events.

A booklet prepared by the propaganda department of Beijing's Dongcheng District gives locals an introduction to the games.

It has a special section on dealing with foreigners, including what to do when talking to overseas visitors.

'Wear a smile'

"In conversation, wear a smile, don't stare too long or do anything to make people feel ill at ease," it says.

The booklet advises Beijing people to say to disabled people such things as: 'You're really excellent'

It also warns Beijing people not to yawn, shout, pick their noses,
scratch their heads, play with their fingernails or pull at their
clothes while talking.

The booklet suggests people abide by the "eight don't ask" principle when talking to foreigners.

Subjects to avoid include what foreigners earn or how much they
spend, how old they are, whether they are married and whether they are

Also off-limits are questions about where foreigners live,
where they have worked, their religious or political beliefs, or what
they are currently doing.

In the booklet, propaganda chiefs remind Beijing citizens to be
careful when being interviewed by foreign journalists during the
Olympics, which begin on 8 August.

It tells them not to say or do anything that harms national prestige, the country's image or national security.

Queuing day

Beijing officials are obviously concerned about how disabled
people will be treated during the Paralympics, which takes place just
after the Olympics.

"Before you help [a disabled person], first of all get their
agreement and co-operation. Absolutely do not use force or be too
says the booklet.

A queue at a railway station in Hefei, Anhui province, at the end of June
Queuing is to be encouraged, say authorities

It advises Beijing people to say to disabled people such things as:
"You're really excellent".

Officials have long been concerned about their own citizens'
behaviour during the Olympics, and have launched several campaigns to
stamp out bad habits.

The 11th day of the month was designated queuing day, instituted to convince people not to barge onto buses and trains.

These campaigns are generally supported by ordinary people.

"The queuing campaign definitely helps people to behave better,"
said Yang Xiaoyan as she waited to board a train at Beijing Yonghegong
Temple subway station.

"In the past it was really chaotic at this subway station," she added.

Queuing, crossing the road, driving a car, watching Olympic
events and talking to foreigners: Officials want to make sure everyone
does it right.

Soulstice - The Reason / Illusion VLS

Soulstice - The Reason / Illusion

A1 The Reason (DJ Spinna Mix)
Remix - DJ Spinna
A2 The Reason (DJ Spinna Instrumental)
Remix - DJ Spinna
A3 The Reason (Acapella)
B1 Illusion (J Boogie's Dubtronic Mix)
Remix - J Boogie
B2 Illusion (J Boogie's Dubtronic Instrumental)
Remix - J Boogie
B3 Illusion (Acapella)


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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Hom - It's...HOM! b/w Xzibit ft. Everlast Shroomz Pt. II

Hom - It's...HOM! b/w Xzibit ft. Everlast Shroomz Pt. II

A1 It's...HOM! (LP Version)
A2 It's...HOM! (Clean)***missing***
A3 It's...HOM! (Instrumental)
A4 It's...HOM! (Acapella)
B1 Shroomz Pt. II (LP Version)
B2 Shroomz Pt. II (Instrumental)
B3 Shroomz Pt. II (Acapella)


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Monday, July 21, 2008

Brother Ali - Room With A View VLS

Brother Ali - Room With A View VLS

A1 Room With A View (Street)
A2 Room With A View (Radio)
A3 Star Quality (Radio)
B1 Bitchslap! (Street)
B2 Room With A View (Instrumental)
B3 Star Quality (Instrumental)
B4 Bitchslap! (Bonus Beats)

courtesy of Fine Soul Music

DJ Mitsu The Beats - Anakurorari / Yeah Y'all VLS

A1 Anakurorari
Rap [Featuring] - Gagle
A2 Anakurorari (Instrumental)
B1 Yeah Y'all
Rap [Featuring] - Kev Brown , Roddy Rod
B2 Yeah Y'all (Instrumental)
B3 Yeah Y'all (Acapella)
Rap [Featuring] - Kev Brown , Roddy Rod

courtesy of Fine Soul Music

Exile And Lokey - Fool (2CD) [2006]

01. Don't Look Back
02. Sinking Ship
03. Self Portrait
04. Last Call (Interlude)
05. Rise To Set
06. The Bridge
07. October (Interlude)
08. Jokers And Thieves (Nuff Said)
09. Fool - Part One
10. Restless Feeling
11. Hold It Close
12. Division
13. Love Is Blue
14. Signs
15. Fool - Part Two
16. Silver Linings
17. Dreamer
18. Don't Look Back (Instrumental)
19. Sinking Ship (Instrumental)
20. Self Portrait (Instrumental)
21. Last Call (Interlude) (Instrumental)
22. Rise To Set (Instrumental)
23. The Bridge (Instrumental)
24. October (Interlude) (Instrumental)
25. Jokers And Thieves (Nuff Said) (Instrumental)
26. Fool - Part One (Instrumental)
27. Restless Feeling (Instrumental)
28. Hold It Close (Instrumental)
29. Division (Instrumental)
30. Love Is Blue (Instrumental)
31. Signs (Instrumental)
32. Fool - Part Two (Instrumental)
33. Silver Linings (Instrumental)
34. Dreamer (Instrumental)

courtesy of Fine Soul Music

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Flip Squad Allstars - The Things I Do VLS

Flip Squad Allstars - The Things I Do

A1 The Things I Do (Clean)
A2 The Things I Do (Instrumental)
B The Things I Do (Street)


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Friday, July 18, 2008

Big bank take little bank

Ras Kass - Anything Goes / On Earth As It Is

A1 Anything Goes (Radio)
A2 Anything Goes (LP Version)
A3 Anything Goes (Instrumental)
B1 On Earth As It Is... (Radio)
Producer - Bird (2)
B2 On Earth As It Is... (LP Version)
Producer - Bird (2)
B3 On Earth As It Is... (Xplicit A Capella)
B4 Anything Goes (Radio A Capella)


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Thursday, July 17, 2008

CRU - Up North / Pronto VLS

CRU - Up North / Pronto VLS

A1 Up North (Radio Version)
A2 Up North (LP Version)
A3 Up North (Instrumental)
B1 Pronto (Radio Version)
B2 Pronto (LP Version)
B3 Pronto (Instrumental)


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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Buckshot - No Joke / Follow Me VLS

Buckshot - No Joke / Follow Me VLS

A1 No Joke / Follow Me (Funkmaster Flex Video Version) (4:24)
A2 No Joke (Clean) (3:29)
A3 No Joke (Instrumental) (3:29)
B1 Follow Me (Clean) (3:52)
B2 Follow Me (Instrumental) (3:52)
B3 Broadway - Freestyle (0:53)


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Saturday, July 12, 2008

R&B flavor

click the pic to download

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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Gone Are The Days

Whattup ya'll?

I've been slacking on the updates front, but I've definitely been working on these. When it came time to repaint the white leather I almost decided to leave them because they cleaned up so nice, but I ended up painting them anyway. The mixture I used was Golden Acrylics Titanium White, Speedball White, and Textile Medium. I kept the 1:1:1 formula but went a bit heavy on the textile medium which seemed to work out pretty well. The consistency of the paint was waaay thinner than the black and looked pretty iffy while I was putting it on. It was all streaky and looked terrible after the first coat, but by the second coat drying it looked straight and now looks F'ing brilliant. After that was all done I had some more touch-ups to do on the black since I had got a bit of white here and there. I used the smallest dagger brush I had, and definitely took my time with those. Patience patience patience. To color the lace on the tongue and heel I used a Q-tip and a small angular brush to get right in there down to the leather. The last thing I did was the aqua. I mixed 1:1 Golden Acrylics Cobalt Teal and Textile Medium. The consistency of this was terrible too. It worked great for the leather, but it took 5 or 6 coats on the bottom rubber. To get the trim of the check I used the smallest dagger I had. Didn't take that long actually. Check em out ya'll.