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Monday, June 11, 2007

I'm flowin:::just like water I'll slaughter

This is probably my favourite LL Cool J album. It had "I'm That Type of Guy" with the cheese video. I love how he busts into the vault and all there are is a bunch of 7's. You can't tell me LL didn't have better looking birds on call in '89. This album also had "Jinglin' Baby" which used the Black Belt Jones theme for the groove. Such a dope track still to this day. Marley flipped the remix with the Walking into Sunshine sample as well. If I can ever get a 12" with both cuts on it I'll die a happy man. There were so many other dope cuts on this album as well. Big Ole Butt, 1-900 LL Cool J, Nitro, and Going Back To Cali are all classics! If you don't have a copy of this you're either too young to know any better or still mad at the R&B he's doing now.

LL Cool J - Walking With A Panther

1 Droppin' Em (4:22)
2 Smokin' Dopin' (3:31)
3 Fast Peg (1:38)
Co-producer - Bryan Philpot
4 Clap Your Hands (5:07)
Guitar - Billy "Spaceman" Patterson
5 Nitro (4:43)
Co-producer - Eric Sadler , Hank Shocklee
6 You're My Heart (4:42)
7 I'm That Type Of Guy (5:16)
8 Why Do You Think They Call It Dope? (3:49)
9 Going Back To Cali (4:09)
Producer - Rick Rubin
10 It Gets No Rougher (5:16)
Co-producer - Eric Sadler , Hank Shocklee , Keith Shocklee
11 Big Ole Butt (4:34)
12 One Shot At Love (4:18)
Keyboards - David Tobocman
13 1-900 LL Cool J (3:01)
14 Two Different Worlds (5:19)
Vocals - Cydne Monet
15 Jealous (3:54)
16 Jingling Baby (4:15)
17 Def Jam In The Motherland (4:35)
18 Change Your Ways (3:20)

DJs Wood n Soo - Promo


You may recognize this dude from DJ Vadim USSR LP fame. Just slowly getting into him. This is his first release. Check it!

Skinnyman - Fuck the Hook EP

A1 Fuck The Hook
Producer - Baby J
A2 Day To Day Basis
Producer - Adam M
A3 Love's Gone From The Streets
Producer - Adam M
B1 What's My Life Like?
Producer - Adam M
B2 It's Over
Producer - Stone (4)
B3 Fuck The Hook (Instrumental)
Producer - Baby J

Jersey of the Day
"Pistol" Pete Maravich
$80 + shipping
Size - 54

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