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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Mr. Green Interview

I very recently contacted did a short Q&A with Mr. Green the hip-hop producer out of New Jerz. He has a highly anticipated album coming just around the corner with Pacewon of Outsidaz fame. The album is called The Only Color That Matters Is Green and if the tracks we've heard already are any indication, it will be a banger. Throw up your O's.

Invincible Bully: First off, introduce yourself to the readers out there.

Mister Green: My name is Mr. Green, I live in New Brunswick, New Jersey and i make hip hop music for a living. I'm most known for my work with Pace Won and our album "The Only Color that Matters is Green" that is dropping on May 23'rd. Aside from that, I work with a lot of up and coming artists from both the US and oversees. I love hearing new people that are dope and determined to get their foot in the door by making good music. Haha, and I'm not into that
Macdonalds land rap (shout out to Erick Sermon).

IB: You recently had a March Madness contest where you asked people to email you samples to flip and you'd make a beat out of and sell it to them for the low low price of $100. How was the response to this and did you craft anything worthwhile out of it?

MG: It got a good response. I've gone on to work more with a couple of the people that bought March Madness beats so I'm glad I did it. It was difficult at times though, haha, I think some of the people sent me tough samples to work with to fuck with me (mess with me, if language is an issue). There was one sample that I thought I wasn't going to be able to flip when i first heard it. Eventually I made it happen and it turned out being one of the best beats I did that month. I actually figured out a new production trick that I've gone on to use many times since then. The whole thing was a good experience because it kept me on my toes, and the beats I made for the artists came out really dope. I might do it again at some point in the future if I see a slow month coming up.

IB: The beats on your Myspace page are very thorough and cut to the chase. When you sit down to hammer out a beat do you have a couple sounds in mind and a rough idea of where you're wanting to go? Take me through your mental process while you're crafting something.

MG: When I go to start working on a beat these days I usually take a sample, or original melody and chop it into really small pieces. I then try to make my own melody that sounds different than the original. I still make loop beats occasionally but right now I'm really into the chop beats. For an example of one of my older loop beats, check out the Pace Won and Mr Green song "The Eye of a Needle". For one of my chop beats, check out our song "Children Sing".

IB: What equipment are you using at the moment?

MG: I use fruity loops to make my beats and pro tools for vocals. I also have an AKG 414 mic that i use to record.

IB: You've collabed with Rob Kelly on the banger 'Dropkicked' which got a large response. Are there any other International cats that jump out at you that you'd like to work with?

MG: Definitely, I like Kardinal Official out of Canada, hoping to work with him. I am also surprisingly intrigued by UK rappers with thick accents. I like this dude named 'Professor Green'. Also 'Dizzee Rascal' and 'The Streets' are good. I was contacted recently to do some beats for KRS ONE's Stop the Violence Movement project and he selected one of my tracks for the UK album. I'm very excited because I think that will open up some chances for me to work with some dope UK artists in the future.

IB: Can we expect The Only Color That Matters Is Green on vinyl?

MG: If everything goes according to plan we will press up some vinyl. Whatever happens we will make sure that the album is available in as many different places in as many different formats as we can.

IB: word man. Thank you for taking the time to let people know whats happening with you. Looking forward to the album dropping.

Stay tuned for a beat sampler from Mr. Green over at strictlybeats

Mr. Green Presents: Green Future
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Mr. Green Presents: Green Future


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