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Thursday, May 22, 2008

You've been dippin' around with some fancy clown...

The much much anticipated release of the collabo with Brazilian drummer Mamao. The album was apparently has been in the works for quite some time because of Lib's love of Brazilian Samba, more specifically Mamao's group Azymuth. I've been looking for this for a hot minute and can't wait to throw this on the iPod. This is definitely not going to be a typical hip-hop release from The Beat Conductor, so my strictly hip-hop heads look elsewhere. Maybe here?

Jackson Conti (Madlib & Mamao) - Sujinho 2008

A1 Mamaoism (0:32)
A2 Berumba (3:47)
A3 Anna De Amsterdam Interlude (0:18)
A4 Praca Da Republica (4:02)
A5 Papaya (10:03)
B1 Brasilian Sugar (6:27)
B2 Sao Paulo Nights (4:21)
B3 Xibaba (4:51)
B4 Upa Neguinho (4:14)
C1 Casa Forte (3:51)
C2 Amazon Stroll (4:30)
C3 Berimbau (5:15)
C4 Anna De Amsterdam Reprise (0:27)
C5 Waiting On The Corner (5:01)
D1 Tijuca Man (2:38)
D2 Nao Tem Nada Nao (3:36)
D3 Sunset At Sujinho (1:55)
D4 Segura Esta Onda (7:01)

link courtesy of Hip-Hop Bootleggers

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