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Monday, May 05, 2008

Can I Get a Level on the Bass and the Treble?

Ran across this dude who makes beats heavily inspired by Nintendo and other 16/32 bit stuffs. This is probably awesome but I'm waiting for a real dope MC to rip over these to be convinced.

I remember first hearing this beat off some shitty mixtape and I was blown away (This was long before the Montell Jordan bullish). Prodigy raps in pronouns ala Common in I Used To Love H.E.R. talking about his love of heaters. This was definitely a staple in my early 20's and made it on a lot of non-shitty mixtapes. Peep Slick Rick on the chorus. Really glad I tracked this down. Looking for a good quality rip on mp3. Anyone?

Soul in the Hole Soundtrack

A1 dead prez The Game Of Life (Score) (5:08)
Producer - Da Heads
Vocals - Storm (9)
A2 Wu-Tang Clan Diesel (5:05)
Producer - RZA
A3 Sauce Money Against The Grain (3:49)
Producer - DJ Premier
B1 M.O.P. Ride (3:34)
Producer - M.O.P.
B2 Big Punisher You Ain't A Killer (4:15)
Producer - Young Lord
B3 Xzibit Los Angeles Time (4:42)
Producer - Mel-Man
B4 Dwellas, The Main Aim (3:30)
Producer - Nick Wiz
C1 Mobb Deep Rare Species (Modus Operandi) (4:10)
Producer - Mobb Deep
C2 Common High Expectations (4:14)
Producer - No I.D.
Scratches - Ynot
C3 Brand Nubian A Child Is Born (4:22)
Producer - Vance Wright
C4 Cocoa Brovaz Won On Won (3:55)
Producer - Sean Cane
D1 Wu All-Stars Soul In The Hole (4:41)
Featuring - Dreddy Kruger , Ghostface Killah , Killa Sin , Shyheim , Timbo King
Producer - Black Moes-Art
Vocals - Tekitha
D2 Darc Mind Visions Of Blur (4:56)
Producer - GM Web D
Vocals - Kev-Roc
D3 Organized Konfusion Late Night Action (3:43)
Featuring - Boku Rule , Cairo
Producer - Organized Konfusion
D4 O.C. Your Life (5:24)
Featuring - U Nast
Producer - DJ Ogee

DVD rip of this movie coming soon...

Jersey of the Day

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