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Monday, December 31, 2007

Liqourland is a real nice place

Whattup ya'll? I wanted to get this up before 2008 because dude got at me awhile ago about this. This dude's called Has-Lo from Phila and he's real nice with the beats and rhymes. I've been bumping this EP the last couple days and I'm really feeling that track The Usual Way. Anyways here's a little interview I did with him. Hit him up on his blog or MySpace and let him know what you think you leaching dickhead.


IB ::: What made you decide to start MC'ing?

Has-Lo ::: My first tape was Radio from L.L. Then later on I got EPMD Strictly Business and M.C. Lyte. I loved those tapes. As I got more into the music, I was like "i can do that" and started writing rhymes...and I never stopped.

What is the hip-hop scene like in Philly?

The scene is veeeeery redundant. Maybe there's some originality somewhere in it and i just don't know about it. But pretty much it's about posturing and machismo. Murder murder murder, kill kill kill. Ultra-thugs just like anywhere, U.S.A. Nothing to shout about.

Who has been the most influential MC on you and what makes him so special?

Probably Nas. With "Illmatic" and "It Was Written" he changed the way I approached rhyming. Not only did he take his world (basically an inner-city hell hole) and paint it from this intelligent almost existential stand point, the words he was putting together! It wasn't just "sad-glad-mad", it was much more complex. There was an elegance to the wordplay. I wanted that. Plus I can't name a rapper that he ain't influence.

What was your most memorable show to date?

I did a show at this place called the Red Stallion. It was a halloween show. It wasn't even a hip hop show, it was a rock show with metal bands. I was the only rapper there. It was ill 'cause that was the night I figured out what worked on stage for me. Before that my performances were dry as hell. I hadn't found my stage voice, but that night...I killed it.

Sample ImageI prefer the sound of a dusty old record...give me an mpc and I'm good

What's the hottest track of the year?

Anything from that "Fuck Has Day" EP. But if I had to pick someone else's hand I'd say the saigon joint.

What's your favourite microphone?

I don't know much about mics but there was this microphone that I used in my friend's studio. A Rode N/T something or other...I made some dope songs there so...that mic.

When you're in the studio recording, do you prefer live instruments or pre-recorded music?

Pre-recorded. I'm a sample dude. It's rare that I have any live instrumentation in my music. I prefer the sound of a dusty old record. The sound of a programmed beat. Give me an mpc and I'm good.

Break down your song writing progress.

I don't like to write with the beat on. It throws off my internal rhythm. One of the hardest parts to me is coming up with the opening line. I usually come up with some bars, turn the beat on, spit 'em to see how they fall on the beat, and just keep adding on that way. I usually write the hook (if there is one) at the end. It takes me longer to write now because I don't want to rehash things. I want to keep the quality high. I don't want the masses to finally catch on and then feel like I'm a one trick pony or something. Gotta keep finding new and different combinations of words, or cadences or whatever.

How do you feel about the music that is being pushed/backed by the record labels/industry at the moment?

If it's a major label, I don't feel any way. A LOT of those albums are trash anyway. Hold them shits forever. I think I've heard my share of Akon hooks for one lifetime. You can't even get excited about albums anymore 'cause they leak 75% of the LP before you can even cop the joint.

Would you rhyme on a track with a coked-up Brittney?

Umm yea. But only if Dj Premier makes the track. And she gotta get puffy to do some Hate Me Now, Life After Death ad-libs. Die muthafucka die muthafucka die! That...would be dumb hot.

Has-Lo - F*ck Has Day EP

1. Prelude
2. Calibration
3. F*ck Has Day
4. The Usual Way
5. Unsigned M.C.s
6. Hands
7. Molotov Cocktails
8. All's Fair



some old old shit...
Aug 30th 2005

DJ Swann - The Cheddar Mixtape

Rakim - It's Been A Long Time
OC - War Games
Fat Joe - Dat Gangsta Sh*t (Swann Blend)
Jay-Z - 99 Problems(DJ Lt. Dan Remix)
KRS-ONE - Sound Of Da Police
The Beatnuts - Yae Yo
The Demigodz - Science of the Bumrush pt. 2
Gangstarr - Battle
OC ft. Freddie Foxx - M.U.G.
House of Pain ft. Diamond D - Word is Bond
Apathy - Freestyle over The Lesson
Funkdoobiest - Freak Mode
Method Man & Redman - Do What Ya Feel
Boot Camp Clik - Blackout
KRS-ONE - HowManyEmcees
Tha Alkaholiks - The Next Level
Pete Rock ft. Big Pun & Common - Verbal Murder 2
Lord Finesse - Flip Da Style
Gangstarr - The Natural
Jaylib - The Red
Show & AG - You Know Now (Buckwild Remix)
Common Sense ft. Kanye West - They Say
D.I.T.C. - Day One
Classified - 5th Element
The Beatnuts - Bring The Funk Back
Diverse ft. Mos Def - One AM (RJD2 Remix)


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