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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Blogs you need to be reading

What it is fam?

I've been going through my links lately and I've noticed a couple blogs have pretty much fell the fuck off so I've been looking for new people that are coming with the heat and consistent updates. First up we have:

1. People Under The Stairs Online!

Find out what the fuck is going on with Double K and Thes-One, plus you can buy up all their vinyl pieces.

2. Los Pollos Carretean...Los Bios Bacilan

P O L O G R O drops knowledge on True School Hip-Hop in his native tongue of Spanish. He comes through with real underground gems and 12's no one else has. Definitely a place to always check for.

3. independent thought

lordquaz posts vinyl rips from his personal collection which is mostly True School Hip-Hop. He raps in french so brush up on your "bon bon's and wee wee's". Dude drops a lot of rare stuff that I'm not familiar with from the mid-90's era. Updates are a little less frequent, but don't sleep!

4. It's Coming Out Of Your Speaker

XMP drops heavy heavy dub tracks. He's on a King Tubby tip right now which is my shit. Calm down my Selecta!

5. The Hip Hop Collection

Black Stars drops new releases as well as old. A lot of the links are re-hashed but the updates are frequent and he comes through with the occasional diamond.

6. San Pasquale Ent.

HEYCEE A posts up old school joints, new school joints, you name it. This place is chalk full of rare shit and stuff you've been looking for for mad long. The Pharoahe Monch Mayor cut on 12"!??!?! Plus acapella?!?!? Ridiculous!

7. UnderSpot

montanhasktbcc4life! drops new shit with some older classic stuff in between. Some eclectic stuff is found here and you can expect updates on the daily.

8. Bossplayer V.3

You already know. And if you don' done fucked up.

9. Speaker Box

new drops

10. The High Chief

Very dope selections from this French selecta. Hasn't been updated in awhile. Step your game up homie!


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