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Monday, May 07, 2007

Straightjackets by Northface



Check out the blazing beats from north of the border. Muneshine on the boards with the heat! Watch out for Mumbles Hip-Hop label out of Toronto. They're coming up with the likes of Dutchmassive, Oddisee, Illmind, and Slopfunkdust. Big-ups to Slop for quitting his day job. Big step homey! You got fat girls sayin' "YOU GO BOY!"

Muneshine - A Walk in the Park

1 Threshold
2 Keep Keeping On
3 Intergalactic
4 Interlude One
5 Love Is Love
6 Worldwide
7 A Walk In The Park
8 Interlude Two
9 Bon Jour
10 Four Seasons
11 You Have To
12 Interlude Three
13 Humble Pie
14 Emerald Bracelet
15 To The Beat
16 So Be It
Rap [Featuring] - Raks One


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