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Friday, April 25, 2008

Do People Actually Read My Blog?

Eh it's not the DVD but it'll have to do. Peep Thes-One's beats from this little comp he had with Will.I.Am. I'd like to see the thing in its entirety, because it seemed like the crowd was feeling Thes a helluva lot more than the BEP representa. Did you see Exile in there getting busy?

Thes One - Thes One Presents: Live At The Rootdown Soundclash [2004]

1 Introduction
2 The Baron (Theme)
3 Want You Back
4 Too Close
5 Will Speaks
6 Joints and Gyms
7 Tribute To Weldon Irvine
8 Everytime
9 Pretty Girls
10 The 6th Cup
11 Up, Down And Away

ps When was the last time you listened to Tha Alkaholiks - Keep It Pourin?

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