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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Beg, Borrow, Steal

I met this guy on soulseek one time who started grabbing a bunch of samples and ish out of a folder and I got to talking to him. Found out he did beats and he was real nice with his. At first I thought he was no the fuck you didn't do this. That's when you know dude is nice. Anyways I never talked to him again, but recently found him on myspace and soundclick. If you're reading dunny thanks for the vibes seen. You should know I played out 'Next Level' in Seoul countless times. Koreans get down.

Apex - A Theme For The Sky

01 Intro
02 Nice&Smooth - How To Flow (Apex Remix)
03 Pete Rock&CL Smooth - I'll Take You There (Apex Remix)
04 Unspoken Heard - It's About Time (Apex Remix)
05 Mic Geronimo - Masta IC (Apex Remix)
06 OC - Time's Up (Apex Remix)
07 Public Enemy - Shut Em Down (Apex Remix)
08 Black Picasso & Sire I - Next Level
09 Skyline Drive (The Hip Hop Suite)
10 Apex - The Documentary ft. John Pollard
11 The Word Is Yours Part 2


DJ Ameldabee - Original Samples
VS Hip Hop Beats Vol. 3

Part I : Intro
01 Diggin’ Stories with Finesse, Mr Walt, Evil Dee, DiamonD… over drum breaks and rare groove tracks

Part II : What couldn’t make it on Volume 1 and 2
Primo’s Beats:
02 Gangstarr : "Execution of a Chump", "Love Sick", "Precisely the Right Rhymes", "Say Your Prayers", "Form of Intellect", "2 Deep"
03 Group Home : "Supa Star", "Baby Pa", "Tha Realness", "Livin’ Proof’", "Up Against Tha Wall" Getaway Car Mix
04 Gangstarr : "Now You’re Mine"
05 Crooklyn Dodgers 95’ : "Return Of The Crooklyn Dodgers"
06 KRS 1 : "Rappaz ‘R’ in Danja"
07 Jay-Z : "Friend or Foe", "A Million and One Questions"
08 Notorious B.I.G. : "Ten Crack Commandments"
09 Das EFX : "Real Hip Hop"
10 Charli Baltimore "Everyboy Wanna Know"
11 Jeru The Damaja : "Come Clean", "Too Perverted"
12 Bahamadia : "Spontaneity", "True Honey Buns"
13 M.O.P. : "Downtown Swinga (’96)"
14 Jazzmatazz : "For You", "Nobody Knows"
15 Afu-Ra : "Whirlwind Thru Cities", "Voodoo Child" Primo Remix
16 D’Angelo : "Devil’s Pie"
17 Common : "The 6th Sense"
18 Gangstarr : "Discipline", "Skills"

D.I.T.C.’s Beats and Rhymes:
19 Lord Finesse : "Funky Technician", "Lesson To Be Taught", "Yes You May" Todd Ray Remix
20 Show And A.G. : "Party Groove"
21 OC : "Born To Live", "Time’s Up" Dj Eclipse Remix, "Creative Control"
22 Fat Joe : "Shorty Gotta Fat Ass", "Another Wild Nigga From The Bronx", "Flow Joe"
23 Frankie Cutlass feat. Fat Joe : "Boriquas On Da Set" Remix
24 Fat Joe : "Success", "Respect Mine"
25 Lord Finesse : "Hip 2 Da Game” Buckwild Remix
26 DiamonD : "The Hiatus"
27 Muro feat. Lord Finesse & A.G. : "The Vinyl Athletes" Lord Finesse Remix

Pete Rock’s Beats and Rhymes:
28 Pete Rock feat. Lord Tariq & Peter Gunz : "Rock Steady Part. II"
29 INI feat Q-Tip & Large Professor : "To Each His Own"
30 Pete Rock & C. L. Smooth : "In the House", "What’s On the Menu", "It’s A Love Thing", "Back On Da Block" Dj Krush Remix, P.U.T.S. Remix and Original Version

Dilla’s Beats:
31 1st Down : "A Day With The Homiez" (okie, only track that’s not from NYC)

Part III : Queensbridge Muthafu$*a !
Beatnuts’ Familia’s Beats and Rhymes:
32 Beatnuts : "World’s Famous", "No Equal", "Props Over Here", "Yeah You Get Props", "Let Off A Couple", "Get Funky", "Off The Books",
"Do You Believe", "Uncivilized", "Beatnuts Forever", "Look Around", "Watch Out Now", "No Escapin’ This"
33 Kurious : "Jorge of the Projects", "Nikole", "Leave Ya’ With This"
34 Scritti Politti feat. Mos Def "Tinseltown To The Boogiedown" Psycho Les Remix
35 Mad Skillz : "The Nod Factor"
36 Dj Honda feat. Cuban Link, Juju, A.L. & Missin’ Linx : "On The Mic"
37 The East Flatbush Project feat. DeS : "Tried By 12"
38 Royal Flush : "Rotten Apple", "World Wide"
39 Tragedy feat. Mobb Dep & C.N.N. : "LA, LA" Kuwait Mix
40 C.N.N. : "Bloody Money"

Mobb Deep’s Fame’s Beats and Rhymes:
41 Mobb Deep : "Give Up The Goods (Just Step)", "Temperature’s Rising", "Up North Trip", "Right Back At You", "Back At You", "G.O.D. Pt. III", "Still Shinin’", "Rare Species (Modus Operandi)"
42 Prodigy : "Keep It Thoro" Remix, "H.N.I.C. "
43 Big Noyd : "Usual Suspects" Stretch Armstrong Remix
44 Kool G Rap : "Streets Of New York", "Money In The Bank", "My Life"
45 Nas : "Nas Is Coming", "Memory Lane", "Life’s A Bitch"
46 AZ : "Ho Happy Jackie", "Rather Unique", "Sugar Hill" Remix

Large Professor’s Beats and Rhymes:
47 Nas : "It Ain’t Hard To Tell" Large Pro Remix, "One + One"
48 Large Professor : "Mad Scientist", "Get Off That Bullshit"


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