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Monday, April 28, 2008

Back From The Dead

Today I just wanted to cover a couple of blogs that have recently come back to life after a short (too long) hiatus. Blogging is real real time consuming especially when you're ripping vinyl or even just uploading something from your computer. I know people who do write blogs definitely definitely appreciate any feedback received.

First up we have Vas from The World Famous Schnooklyn Zoo. Vas has been doing his thing for a long while now ripping 12 inch singles and throwing together the masterful Sean P series. Don't ever sleep on this blog.

Next we have Ariel and his Groove. Been waiting on this fool to come back around for a long while now. Hit up his blog for good reads and real nice variety of music. Dude has a good ear for tasty beats.

Splifkin's Joints is another blog that has been bringing heat for awhile now. He recently dropped an exclusive peek at Double K's new album...which is definitely worth the visit in itself. Dude does a radio show too called which is like fresh baked your ears. This blog should be in your daily visits.

Next up we got Sea Seven and his blog My Fist In Your Face. This blog is dedicated to demo tapes, dj sets, radio freestyles, cassette tape rips, and all sorts of other delicious gems that usually fall into the cracks of life never to be seen again. Peep the Homeless Derilix beat tape!!!

If you're looking for strictly DJ mixes then Pipomixes blog is what you're looking for. His own mixes are very very dope and the Psycho Les DJ set is most definitely not to be missed.

I like the format of The People's Repulic Of Hip-Hop & Soul because it gives you a good look into what an artist is all about, usually focusing on a couple songs and giving you some background info on them. Really cool because he covers a lot of new peoples in the game so don't sleep!

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