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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Have You Got High Today?

Busta Rhymes - It's A Party b/w Ill Vibe

A1 It's A Party (LP Version) (4:38)
A2 It's A Party (AllStar Remix) (4:10)
A3 It's A Party (The Ummah Remix) (4:17)
A4 It's A Party (LP Version Instrumental) (4:40)
A5 It's A Party (AllStar Remix Instrumental) (4:32)
A6 It's A Party (AllStar Remix Acapella) (4:03)
B1 Ill Vibe (LP Version) (3:40)
B2 Ill Vibe (The Ummah Remix) (3:38)
B3 Ill Vibe (LP Version Instrumental) (3:41)
B4 It's A Party (The Ummah Remix Instrumental) (4:17)
B5 Ill Vibe (LP Version Acapella) (3:05)

Tha Alkaholiks - The Next Level

A1 The Next Level (LP Version) (4:44)
A2 The Next Level (Remix) (4:22)
Remix - E-Swift
A3 The Next Level (Radio Edit LP Version) (3:53)
B1 The Next Level (Instrumental Remix) (4:22)
Remix - E-Swift
B2 The Next Level (Instrumental LP Version) (4:44)
B3 The Next Level (Acappella) (3:53)

Jersey of the Day
Bo Jackson
Kansas City Royals
$80 + shipping
Size 54

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah, it's funny. I've only just stumbled over the appearance on Conan today. It's mad nice. Also, the proper video for "Take me home" is dope. It's Ali all over the place, even as a taxi driver (he's not allowed to drive.)
As for M-Phazes: He's all over the place... Seriously dope compilation. Quality from beginning to end. It's opened my ears to a lot of cats on both sides of the Pacific.

3:53 PM  

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