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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

so they kicked...and pushed

K'naan - Kicked Pushed

Punchline - Unreleased (CD copped at the EMC show in Calgary)

1. The Message
2. Freestyle
3. Hot Nights
4. Not Fair Remix
5. Shots
6. Know Better ft. Wordsworth
7. Ghetto
8. Game of Life
9. Cocaina
10. The Promo
11. 4 Brothers
12. Block Episode
13. Travelocity
14. Step in Da Circle ft. 50 Cent
15. Take u Away ft. Deemi
16. Fatal Attraction
17. Aint Enough Room ft. 50 Cent
18. Let Me Be

Jersey of the Day
World B. Free
$80 + shipping

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Blogger Travis said...

Nice man, thanks. Glad you enjoyed that eMC show. I hope they drop down to the states one of these days

3:09 PM  
Blogger Swann said...

they'll be there soon enough. You check that I Scream Bars for the Children LP off Ariels Groove blog? That Blue Scholars track on there is super dope

6:38 PM  

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