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Wednesday, June 06, 2007


I've been reading about MC Search over at Press Rewind if I Haven't Blown Your Mind and I got inspired to do a little introspective. Today I wanted to focus on a little known producer/emcee you've probably heard before but didn't know anything about him. I'm talking about Jesse West also known as 3rd Eye. He's one of those guys that often gets overlooked when people reminisce about the golden era of hip-hop. He started out in '89 with his solo LP "No Prisoners" on Motown which you'd think would have done well due to the fact he had 3 singles off it "I Saw You", "No Prisoners", and "Renegade". Alas it didn't and from there he moved onto work with The Genius and then to the Bad Boy Camp. What blows my mind is he did one of the dopest hip-hop beats of ALL TIME and I was sleeping on the man.

Anyways back to The Genius. West did the notorious track "Come Do Me" which...wasn't really the GZA's style. Genius went into it a little bit over at Oh Word. After that debacle he popped up on a dope dope Heavy D and the Boyz LP called "Blue Funk". Pete Rock naturally did a couple joints on the album as well as Primo.

Heavy D and the Boyz - Blue Funk

A1 Truthful (4:41)
Producer - Tony Dofat
Vocals - Terri Robinson
A2 Who's The Man? (4:04)
Producer - Tony Dofat
A3 Talk Is Cheap (4:04)
Producer - Skeff Anselm
A4 Girl (4:57)
Producer - Steely & Clevie
A5 It's A New Day (5:20)
Producer - Pete Rock
A6 Who's In The House (4:10)
Producer - Tony Dofat
Rap [Featuring] - Phat Doug
B1 Love Sexy (4:28)
Backing Vocals - Tabitha Brace
Producer - Pete Rock
B2 Slow Down (4:12)
Producer - Jesse West
Vocals - Tabitha Brace , Terri Robinson
B3 Silky (3:42)
Producer - Jesse West
B4 Here Comes The Heavster (4:53)
Producer - DJ Premier
B5 Blue Funk (4:33)
Backing Vocals - Monica Payne , Terri Robinson
Producer - Pete Rock
B6 Yes Y'all (4:01)
Producer - DJ Premier
B7 A Bunch Of Niggas (4:59)
Producer - Jesse West
Rap [Featuring] - 3rd Eye (2) , Biggie Smalls , Busta Rhymes , Guru , Rob O

After that he got mixed in with Puffy and worked on a Mary J. track called Reminisce. The joint has that early R&B cheese vibe, but he flipped it with the T.R.O.Y. horns and CL drops a dope verse on it to compensate for any wackness. Look for ithere. From there he remixed Super Cat on a cut called "Dolly My Baby". He did 2 different beats which Puffy 'helped' on. Puffy on a remix is always suspect so I'll default toward giving Jesse the credit.

Super Cat - Dolly My Baby CDS (1993)

1 Dolly My Baby (Reggae Mix)
Featuring - Trevor Sparks
Remix - Wycliffe Johnson
2 Dolly My Baby (Reggae Super Cat Mix)
Remix - Wycliffe Johnson
3 Dolly My Baby (Reggae Dub Mix)
Remix - Wycliffe Johnson
4 Dolly My Baby (Hip Hop Mix)
Featuring - Mary J. Blige
Remix - Jesse West , Sean "Puffy" Combs
5 Dolly My Baby (Bad Boy Extended Mix)
Featuring - Mary J. Blige , Notorious B.I.G. , Sean "Puffy" Combs , Third Eye
Remix - Jesse West , Sean "Puffy" Combs
6 Dolly My Baby (Super Cat Mix)
Remix - Jesse West , Sean "Puffy" Combs
7 Dolly My Baby (Instrumental Mary Mix)
Remix - Jesse West , Sean "Puffy" Combs

From there he collabed with PMD, Nine, and Ill Biskits which I won't get into. I'm curious about the group 24/7 with him and Nine. Don't know a whole lot of info about that. If any body has any info drop hit me up! It seems like he really slowed down after this and didn't drop much material. He did the classic KRS joint and then one of my favourite Xzibit cuts ever "What You See is What You Get".

Jesse West - No Prisoners

1 No Prisoners (4:02)
2 Renegade (3:47)
3 I'm A Warrior (5:26)
4 State Of Your Mind (4:34)
5 Prelude To Maddness (1:06)
6 This Is Maddness (5:14)
7 Do You Wanna Party (4:07)
8 I Saw You (4:33)
9 The Master (3:51)
10 For James (1:30)
11 Concrete Jungle (3:53)
12 Black Bomb (4:54)

The Genius - Words From The Genius

1 Pass The Bone (3:52)
Producer - Genius, The , Prince Rakeem
2 Life Of A Drug Dealer (3:39)
3 The Genius Is Slammin' (4:23)
4 Those Were The Days (4:37)
5 What Are Silly Girls Made Of (4:32)
6 Living Foul (4:22)
7 Drama (3:59)
8 Words From The Genius (5:05)
9 Who's Your Rhymin' Hero (4:34)
10 Phony As You Wanna Be (5:04)
11 Stop The Nonsense (3:41)
12 Superfreak (4:38)
13 Stay Out Of Bars (3:55)
14 True Fresh M.C. (3:39)
15 Feel The Pain (3:39)

Shout out Eric at When They Reminisce for the Mary J. joint. Also shout outs to Slurg from B-Side Wins Again for the knowledge.

FUCKING go see this movie! We had the worst seats in the house and it was still awesome.

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Blogger SLurg said...

Hi, I just found out about your blog, thanks for the plug ! I also want to let you know that my blog has a new url, now it's :
Thanks !

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Blogger D-MAN said...

Is it possible to get a re-up on that
Jesse West - No Prisoners..thanks in advance

9:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Man!I swear I am amazed that people honestly appreciated the modest work I put in. To the person that put this blog together....thanks! Many thanks!
This is Jesse West by the way. You didn't know how I destroyed the Fight Klub? My battle record is about 20 and 1. I lost to Iron Solomon. Anyway, I have not heard my own "No Prisoners" lp in about 15 years. Forgot most of the rhymes. True story. If you can re-up it for me, I couldn't express my gratitude. when and if you do, please email me at urbandisc@ and let me know. Also, I am rhyming with Busta on his new CD, and I did 13 songs with Bumpy Knuckles aka Freddie Foxx thats available for download now, and I also made a serious Children's hip hop cd that you can peep at

Thanks again and much love

Jes Wes aka 3rd Eye aka Dirty Apple Slim

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