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Friday, May 04, 2007

One won't do and two is not enough for me no

Sup ya'll? Got beats!

This was one of the very first joints I heard from the Justus League. Legacy is real real nice and 9th slaughters the beat. It kind of reminds me of Maestro :: These Eyes, it has that good times vibe to it. Soulseek was so good back in the day for pinching gems like this.

Kenny Dope - Supa Dope Classics Volume 1

A1 India I Can't Get No Sleep (Unreleased Mix) (4:34)
A2 DBX (2) And There Ain't (10:10)
B1 Kenny "Dope" Gonzalez Inside (6:07)
B2 Masters At Work Blood Vibes (5:46)
B3 Lighter Shade Of Brown Hey DJ (Kenny Dope Instrumental) (3:16)
C1 Wreck Allstars, The One Touch (5:43)
C2 Screechie Dan Give It To Me (5:22)
C3 Mad Racket Don Da Da (Gangsta Mix) (5:06)
D1 Shazam X Down For My Crown (5:06)
D2 Screechie Dan Boomin' In Ya Jeep (4:09)
D3 Gwen McCrae Funky Sensation (MAW Mix) (6:27)

These Jason Kidd jerseys are on fire right on. I have size 54 and size 56. $80 US + shipping. The Kidd from Cal who shits out triple doubles like everyday was a good day.

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