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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Lock this down like it's supposed to be

kick the liquor when you turn dirty 30!!!

Louis Logic is an emcee I found out via the Demigodz crew. I always thought he sounded like Em, but I enjoyed him for his sharp wit and precise delivery. He raps about broads a lot but his lyrics are always tight and JJ Brown comes correct on the beats 88% of the time. His latest effort Misery Loves Comedy missed almost everyones radar and should be getting play in the rotation, but alas it isn't. Louie Logic is the shit!

Louis Logic & JJ Brown - Misery Loves Comedy

1. New Leaf
2. Captain Lou El Wino
3. Line, The
4. Beginners Lust
5. Rule By A Fool
6. All Girls Cheat
7. Withdrawal Method, The
8. Perfect Circle, A
9. Classy McNasty
10. Great Divide, The
11. Up To No Good
12. Morning After Pill
13. Misery Loves Comedy & Great Divide, The(remix)

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