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Thursday, May 31, 2007


Bored of your desktop? Pimp it the fuck out you big ole pimp! This program is called RK Launcher and it is basically a straight rip of the Apple Dock where you cycle through all your programs. It's super small and takes up zero room. You can really tweak it out and drop all your frequently used programs in there. I've dropped a bunch of icons in the icon folder for your using pleeeshah! Hit the forums if you have problems. Peep my desktop

My Desktop

Here it is.
RK Launcher

Another dope thing to check out while you're making your desktop your bitch are the Yahoo!Widgets for clocks and calanders and shit for your now empty ass desktop. The program isn't resource hungry like a lot of people say. Just don't run like 500 of them at a time and you're golden.

Grab it!

The A-Team - Who Framed The A-Team?


A1 Who Framed The A-Team?
Producer - Elusive
A2 Doin' The Most For The Coast
A3 Like That Like This
B1 Slower Traffic To The Right
Featuring - Mikah 9
B2 Acey The Faceman
Producer - DJ D*
B3 Untitled
C1 Deep And Wyde
Producer - Vic Hop
C2 Me And My Main
Producer - Kool DJ E.Q.
C3 O.G. Crew (Heavyweights Round 3)
Backing Vocals - Big Cartoon , Change Of Rhythm
Featuring - DK Toon , Djinji Brown , Ganjah K , Mikah 9 , P.E.A.C.E. , Volume 10
D1 Rally 'Round The Home Team
D2 A.B. Baracus
Producer - DJ D*
D3 Feet Up On Da Table
Featuring - Ellay Khule , Mark The Murderah , NgaFsh , Riddlore? , Vic Hop
Producer - DJ Homicide

The A-Team - Who Reframed The A-Team


1 A.B. Baracus
Producer - DJ D*
2 Acey The Faceman
Producer - DJ D*
3 B-Boy Real McCoy
Producer - Jizzm
4 Deep & Wide
Producer - Vic Hop
5 I Don't Know
Rap [Featuring] - Riddlore?
6 The Saga Continues
7 Maskaraid
8 Gonna Wanna Spin It (Remix)
Producer - S. Bradley
9 Treble & Bass
Producer - Vic Hop
10 We Did It Like That (Remix)
11 Show Em A Better Way
12 Crew & Us
Producer - Kenny Segal , Ryan Crosby
Rap [Featuring] - Mystik Journeymen
13 Who Framed The A-Team?
Producer - Elusive
14 Doin The Most For The Coast
15 Me & My Main
Producer - Kool DJ EQ*

Hopefully bringing these guys to Calgary in July. Blue Scholars ya'll!

Jersey of the Day
Lebron James
$80 + shipping
Size 54

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